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James E. Johnson joined the New York City Police Department in 1985, and served for 20 years.  During his law enforcement career, James Johnson worked as undercover in the Narcotics Division, Zodiac Killer taskforce, The Mayors Social Club Task Force, and other units within the police department. However, he considers his greatest accomplishment the creation and implementation a gang crime reduction strategy that brought gang membership and violence down 62%.


In 1995, the New York City Police Department experienced a shift in manpower that created a shortage in the community affairs division. The Commanding officer of the Sixty-Ninth Precinct asked James Johnson to fill the Youth officer position (a two-man position) In addition,  James Johnson filled the gang coordinator and community affairs positions. For twelve years, James Johnson worked in those positions and, at times, without a partner. In 1996, James Johnson with the assistance of Denise Johnson founded and ran the Sixty-Ninth Precinct Law Enforcement Explores Youth Program. James Johnson is the co-author of a childrens book, The Adventures of Little Nina and the author of How To Reach the Prodigal Child, Positive Youth Interaction: The Mentor's guide and How to share your story.

According to the book description of The Adventures of Little Nina, "This was a very special day for Nina; it was her eighth birthday. When trains in Trainville turned eight they are expected to deliver packages from station to station. Today Nina was going to do it on her own. Her father gave her all the advice she needed and warnings against distractions, but even with the best advice sometimes distractions are too hard to resist."


According to the book description of How To Reach the Prodigal Child, "This book is a practical guide for parents, teens and educators who want to bridge the gap between youth and adults."


According to the book description of Positive Youth Interaction: The Mentor's Guide, "Every adult will have some kind of contact with youth. Positive Youth Interaction, or PYI, means both adults and youth engage in respectful and honest communication with one another. PYI opens the door to building positive and progressive relationships. James Johnson helped at-risk youth as a New York City Police Officer for over twenty years. This publication contains some of the successful methods and concepts he designed and implemented to redirect and guide youth participating in mentorship programs. James researched and used best practices and current statistics to support and enhance his work. The methods and concepts expressed herein are those of the author."


According to the book description of How to share your story, "Simply, our story is a collective of all the things we have witnessed or experienced in our life. We all have stories we can share with others. Just think about all the experiences you have had, all you have seen and the different circumstances in your life. Remember the people you have met and the places you have been; they all carry their own stories. Stories are powerful communicators; they carry life lessons and principles learned through personal experience. This is a practical book that will help you identify and share your story to enhance your life and the life of others."

From the History of the New York Police Department 

Since the first establishment of a police office in the City of New York, large quantities of property of various kinds, and considerable value, seized under suspicion of being stolen have devolved to the office by remaining unclaimed by any owner, and from the proceeds of the sale of such property, the expenses of the office have been annually paid, and a large surplus left in the hands of the magistrates, unappropriated. The proceeds of this unclaimed property, with occasional assistance from the public revenue of the State, will forma sufficient fund more effectually to encourage the vigilance and activity of the several branches of a police, confessedly of great benefit to the whole State of New York.


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