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Officer In Trouble
James Viner and Brad Sagstetter  More Info

About the Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Police Department is the 10th largest police department in the nation.  It has over 3,700 sworn and civilian employees with an annual operating budget of over $414 million.  The Detroit Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement service to more than 950,000 residents; over 10,000 businesses; and 258 schools in the city of Detroit, which spans 138.7 square miles.

A second book entitled Officer in Trouble was also written by a Detroit Police Department police officer.  In 1981, over ten years prior to James Crawford’s book, James Viner, a six year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, wrote his novel.  Whereas James Crawford’s book is a true-life account, James Viner’s is “fiction, but the dilemmas, challenges, pressures and doubts faced by the men in blue are real.”

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