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Inside Your Local Police
James Harper Walker  More Info
Man in blue
James H Walker  More Info

One reader of Inside Your Local Police said, “This book is fast paced action from start to finish. And at last a Police action novel that shows Police officers as they are instead of villains. An exciting novel that you can not put down.”

About the Huron Road Police Department

The Huron Road Police Department (East Cleveland, Ohio) was a fully chartered hospital police department operating its own dispatch, uniformed patrol and detective bureau.  Due to cutbacks occurring in the mid 1980s, the Huron Road Police Department was disbanded and replaced by private security.

James Harper Walker served in the United States Army from 1953 to 1956.  He began his law enforcement career with the Willoughby Police Department (Ohio) where he served in patrol for two years.  He then joined the Waite Hill Police Department (Ohio) were he served for eight years, attaining the rank of detective.  He then became the Assistant Chief of Police for the Huron Road Police Department (Ohio).  James Walker then moved into the private security field where he held a number of managerial and executive level positions.  He has a BA in Business Administration and is the author of four books: Man in Blue; Bushytail the Squirrel; Rambling in Rhyme; and, the novel Inside your Local Police.


According to the book description of Inside your Local Police, “follow police Lieutenant James MacDonald (Mac) as he tries to solve The Claw Hammer murder case. While being constantly interrupted with assorted armed robbers, gang fights, gun fights and domestics.”

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