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Jane Ilene Huffman

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Jane Ilene Huffman is the wife of author Richard Neal Huffman, (Author of Dreams In Blue: The Real Police). She is the grandmother to 14 grandchildren (last count and still growing.) Jane once served with her husband, a full time police officer, as a reserve officer for the Bangor, Michigan police department. She currently is employed in the private sector.  Jane Ilene Huffman is the author of To Live/To Die and Secrets Kept.

According to the book description of To Live/To Die, "A small town detective works to solve a string of homicides involving young women. His quest for answers leads him to startling revelations."


According to the book description of Secrets Kept, "Matthew Grogan, an employee with an advertising firm, has led a dull life. A once gregarious person, he withdraws from society because of an encounter with a group of gang bangers. His boss, an overbearing mean-spirited man, insists Matt make a business trip to South America. Although Matt has a phobia about flying, he fears losing his job even more. The trip will forever change Matts life."

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