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Jaye Slade Fletcher

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Jaye Slade Fletcher was a career police officer with the Chicago Police Department.  She was the first women to work patrol in the Chicago Police Department’s history.  During her career she received over 30 department citation for courage and outstanding public service; including an award of special recognition for her pioneering efforts on behalf of women in law enforcement.   Jaye Slade Fletcher is the author three books: Deadly Thrills; Perfect Gentlemen; and, Create your own Tile Art: Stamps and Stencils.


Deadly Thrills is “an account of a series of savage sex murders and mutilations that rocked Chicago during the early 1980s describes the shocking murders and the young man, Robin Gecht, and his male followers who were tried and convicted for the monstrous crimes.” Perfect Gentlemen “chronicles the life and crimes of twenty-eight-year-old Michael Lee Lockhart, a handsome and charming serial killer who idolized Ted Bundy and who launched a horrifying nine-month spree of rape, torture, murder, and mutilation across five states and two continents.”


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