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In 1987, Jeff Pate joined the High Point Police Department (North Carolina).  In 1998, he finished his first Novel, Winner Take All.  After attempting to publish the novel through traditional routes, he ended up forming Harlan Publishing and creating a hardcover version of his novel.  In 2000, the book and publishing company were so successful, Jeff Pate left the High Point Police Department to write and publish full-time.  In 2001, he published his second novel, Eye of the Beholder.

In 2003, Jeff Pate states, “when I was at my very worst, the Lord revealed Himself and His awesome love and I surrendered to His grace.”  Jeff Pate has, since 2003, formed Branches of the Vine Ministries and Diakonia Publishing.  Diakonia publishing is a publishing house dedicated to helping ministers and Christian authors “fulfill Ephesians 4:12.”  Jeff Pate is also the author of The Last-Day Apostles: Calling of the Twelve (The Last-Day Apostles) and By the Grace of God I Am What I Am. 

According to the book description of By the Grace of God I Am What I Am, “God's word teaches that because Adam and Eve failed to understand who they were, they were deceived into transgression that catapulted the world and the entire human race into sin and despair. Most Christians today face the same problem--through subtle deception and worldly philosophy, their minds have been corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, which has diminished the impact the Christian church is making in the modern world. In spite of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, sin, sickness, fear, depression, and defeat continue to have dominion over most people who call themselves Christians, begging the question, Where is the victory of the Christian life? In his first full-length work, Bible teacher Jeff Pate reveals life-changing truths from the word of God concerning the significance of seeing and knowing and considering and understanding the answer to one of life s most important questions: Who Am I? Utilizing hundreds of passages of Scripture, "By the Grace of God I Am What I Am" is a key to the revelation of your identity in Christ, which opens the door to the newness of life the Bible promises.”

According to the book description of Eye of the Beholder, “From the bestselling author of Winner Take All comes a spine-chilling new thriller that puts SBI Special Agent Clark Hager in the middle of a baffling murder case.  It’s been six months since the brilliant profiler matched wits and battled with a ruthless killer called “The Strangler.” Hager’s partner Lloyd Sheridan has recovered from his injuries and is ready to return to work. Recently engaged to the woman of his dreams Vanessa Roman, Hager thinks life is beginning to get back to normal. But would it last...

It all begins with a seemingly innocuous phone call from an old friend, concerned that his wife is missing. The woman is found murdered and sensing a loyalty to his friend, Hager takes it upon himself to find her killer. Hager and Lloyd team up with Brick McLendon, a Raleigh PD detective with a chip on his shoulder and an ax to grind.  Tasked with finding a killer and protecting his friend, Hager realizes that he can be too close to a case...too close to know that sometimes guilt lies in the Eye of the Beholder.

Eye of the Beholder exposes Hager’s inner turmoil—at work and home, and deals with many issues, from prejudice to the agent’s own longevity, forcing him to change the way he views the world in which he lives.  With a dazzling pace and scintillating plot twists, Eye of the Beholder is page-turning suspense, destined to continue Jeff Pate’s bestselling tradition and thrill his fans across the country.”

One reader of Eye of the Beholder said, “One thing I can say about Jeff Pate is that he knows how to begin a thriller novel. With deft precision, he seems to lure you in from the very beginning. His first chapter takes you right in the middle of a woman's frantic attempt to escape the clutches of a killer and the action doesn't let up until the book ends after a furious car chase. "Eye of the Beholder" isn't only about Special Agent Clark Hager trying to unearth the killer of a friend's wife. It's much more than that. Pate gives the reader insight on how the cops do their jobs and how different people's perceptions can lead them into different directions. Thus, the reason for the title "Eye of the Beholder." It's a clever treatise that touches the very volatile subject of racial profiling and how bias (and not only racial bias) can affect an investigation. Not only that, but if you have read Pate's first book "Winner Take All" you can keep up with his great cast of characters. This was an excellent thriller, leaving me with the notion that Jeff Pate and Clark Hager are here to stay.”

According to the book description of The Last-Day Apostles: Calling of the Twelve, “Our Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples: The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few: Pray ye, therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest. (Matthew 9: 37, 38) Best selling Mystery/Thriller novelist Jeff Pate crosses over to the Christian Fiction genre with Calling of the Twelve, the first installment of an exciting and revealing new series concerning the Great Harvest: The Last-Day Apostles. Pastor Roger Ingram has all the Lord’s blessings at least he believes he does. On his way to visit relatives on Thanksgiving Day 1985, Roger’s life changes forever. Dead at the hospital after a car accident, Rogers’ spirit journeys beyond the worldly realm where he experiences fascinating revelations. His journey ends at the Throne of God where he comes before the Lord Himself. Confident and bold of his salvation, Roger quickly experiences the terrifying wrath, and also the incredible mercy and grace of God. He learns that he has been chosen to embark on the most important mission mankind has ever witnessed: to prepare the world for the Great Harvest and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sent back to earth to wait for the mission to begin, Rogers’ ministry takes a 180-degree turn, igniting a fire for the truth of the Gospel. Forewarned of future persecution as a result, Roger and his wife Carolyn are commanded by an angel of the Lord to flee their Virginia home to Pilot Mountain, North Carolina where they continue preaching the Truth. Move forward to April 2003: eighteen years after his incredible near-death experience, and just three days after the unexpected death of his wife, Roger is visited by an angel named Boethos. Called Bo, the angel was sent to help the pastor gather the remaining eleven last-day apostles. After being given the new name of Stephen, the spirit-filled pastor and spry angel set out on their mission. Donning the full armor of God, the missionaries begin in New York and travel across the country facing insurmountable forces of Satan in both spirit and flesh that will stop at nothing to destroy God’s plan. But Stephen and his growing band of apostles remain steadfast in their mission, despite incredible dangers only to be delivered from the depths of destruction. Calling of the Twelve marks the fictional beginning of the end of this age, and the dawning of incredible events to come when the world will witness the omnipotent authority of God. Much like the twelve original disciples, the last-day apostles begin as a band of lost sheep from every conceivable walk of life and generation, but under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they become the most powerful messengers of God the world has ever seen.”

By the Grace of God I Am What I Am
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Winner Take All
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The Last-Day Apostles: Calling of the Twelve
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Eye of the Beholder: A Clark Hager Novel (Clark Hager Novels)
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One reader of By the Grace of God I Am What I Am said, “This is sure to be the best book you've ever read. The author, who is a very dear friend of mine, allowed me the privilege to read several chapters before printing and I want the world to know that I have been chomping at the bits to get my hands on this book to read it in its entirety. Don't miss out on a tremendous blessing by getting this book and learning so much more about yourself and all that God intended us to be... By The Grace Of God I Am What I Am is even going to be what I use in a home group Bible Study because the message that is shared in this book is something we ALL need to learn and live. I would give everyone I know a copy of this book if I could!”

One reader of The Last-Day Apostles: Calling of the Twelve said, “While reading the Last Day Apostles, you will find it hard to put down. The Author shows us how God works in everyday life from all types of perspectives. I have read lots of fictional, non-fictional, and religious books in the past and The Last Day Apostles gives you a great story to read; however, it also serves as a witness to us all about what really is important in everyone's life.”

According to the book description of Winner Take All, “A serial killer is on the loose in North Carolina in Jeff Pate's first novel. A police detective in North Carolina, Pate introduces FBI Special Agent Clark Hager in a stunning debut. Follow Hager, an FBI-trained profiler and his partner as they trail a vicious serial killer in a psychologically complex and terrifying case--a roller coaster ride of suspense and intrigue as the reader gets to enter the mind of a monster. Culminating in an epic battle between good versus evil, Hager meets the killer in a spine-tingling death match where it's...Winner Take All.”

The Midwest Book Review said of Winner Take All,Author Jeff Pate is a veteran police detective who draws on his years of experience to lend a very special authenticity to Winner Take All, a powerfully written suspense novel that is packed with action and cutting-edge tension. Clark Hager is a special agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. With his partner Lloyd Sheridan, Hager delves into the death of a young woman found in rural Hertford County. This leads to another recent murder of a college student in Wilmington. Then another body is found in Greensboro, apparently the victim to the same killer. Winner Take All is an epic battle of hunter versus prey, a struggle between good and evil with no quarter given and the end result very much in question. Winner Take All is a terrific debut novel that established Jeff Pate as an author of substance, imagination, and talent.”

About the High Point Police Department

The High Point Police Department is organized into three entities: Field Services Division; Field Operations North; and Field Operations South.


A Major serves as High Point Police Department Chief of Staff and oversees the Support Services Division which includes Recruitment, the Crime Lab, Training, Special Events, Animal Control, Citizen's Academy, Records Unit, Property Room, Staff Duty Officers, and Police Information Technical Unit.


A Major, who is considered an Assistant Chief oversees Field Operations North.  These responsibilities include three patrol teams: Adam, Charlie and Fox. His Special Investigation section includes Traffic; Major Crimes Unit (also called Persons Crimes); High Point Police Department’s Reserve officers; and the Court Liaison Lieutenant. Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit serve as Violent Crime Task Force officers, working specifically with the Offender Notification Strategy. Detectives from this unit also form the Gang Unit. The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for Sex Offenders and Victims Compensation issues.


A Major, who is considered an Assistant Chief oversees Field Operations South.  In addition to overseeing Baker, David and Edward patrol teams, Major Sumner is responsible for a Special Investigations Section which includes the Vice/Narcotics unit and the Street Crimes Unit. The Property Crimes Unit, Housing Authority Unit, School Resource Officers and C.A.R.E. also come under Field Operations South.





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