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Jerry Ferguson

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Jerry Ferguson served in the United States Army from 1961 to 1964.  He joined the New York Transit Police Department in 1965, retiring in 1990 after 25 years of service.  In 1991, he entered the Federal service, again retiring in 2005.  A writer of poetry and short-stories, he is the author of nine books, including Jerry’s Own-Seeds of Wisdom; which according to the book description is “a collection of personal thoughts, expressed usually in one line on the important subject of Wisdom. Each one is numbered and there are 366 of them. Simple ideas which if reflected upon are important criteria’s to living a good life.”   His other books, which are available exclusively through the author are: The Sponsor, Spirituality Plus, Subway Blues, The Pusher Case, The Murders of the Century Case, The Case of The Anonymous Souls, The Case of the Missing Prima Ballerina; and, The Case of the New York City Slicer!

According to the book description of A Home for Ida, “Tribal housing for the Havasupai is at a premium because there is no road, only an eight mile trail, into the Grand Canyon where they live. It's impossible to get building materials down the steep canyon trail; that leaves helicopters, which are very expensive to operate. Against all odds, Ida Iditicava, a single "seventies-something" faithful Native believer in Supai, was asking the Lord for a house of her own. She had lived with relatives all of her life and often found her living situation difficult. In June of 1999 Jerry Ferguson heard of Ida's need. It was as if God tapped him on the heart and said, "You go build Ida a house." Jerry, a computer programmer, didn't know how to build a house, but he could surely do the footwork if God would do the rest. Pray! Pray! Pray! became Jerry's battle cry. I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Arizona and married Janell soon after high school. We have three children, twelve grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. I went to work for AT&T in 1953 servicing microwave radio systems and was transferred to Kansas City in 1963 and then to New York from 1964 to 1967. After returning to Kansas City I retired from the company in 1982. Since it was always our desire to move back west we were quick to accept the opportunity to move to Orem, UT. There I formed a computer software company and developed a PC computer system for a ski rental business. We learned to ski and really enjoyed evening skiing close to our home. In 1987 we moved to Phoenix where I continued developing computer systems for several businesses and have now retired.”

Jerry's Own-Seeds of Wisdom
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Spirituality Plus: A Collection Poems & Selected Writings
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The Sponsor
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A Home for Ida
Jerry Ferguson  More Info

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