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Detective Jim Gauger, Milwaukee Police Department (ret.) is the author of The Memo Book.

One reader of The Memo Book said, “My father, a veteran policeman and longtime retiree of the MPD, recently invited me to the annual retiree picnic in Milwaukee. I had only been to one police picnic 35 years prior when I was an adolescent. I wasn't sure I'd ever get to another. Many of my father's work partners were already deceased and I thought if there was ever an opportunity to meet any of the remaining ones, this would be it. Fortunately I made this choice.

While at the reunion, I met maybe ten or so retirees. Several names I recognized, probably more from stories I heard in the mid years than from any actual meeting of them when I was young. Several names were new. One of those was Jim Gauger. While listening to some of their conversations, I observed a book Jim had near him. It was The Memo Book. It sounded interesting so he offered one up.

The next few days I took in a good section of the book. It captured my attention. The stories were well written and fact-based. I could tell the same personal qualities that I sensed in Jim at the picnic--passion for his job, humorous, likeable, good communicator, and very humble--seemed to transfer directly into his book. Jim told me he spent 40 years writing this book so his kids and grandkids would (some day) know what his life was about. But I have found this to be an extraordinary tale of a policeman in Milwaukee from the 1950s thru the 80s that anyone would enjoy reading. I would highly recommend this book.”

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