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Jim Kuboviak

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DWI mobile videotaping for police and prosecutors: Policy, procedures, and law
Jim Kuboviak  More Info
Legal and procedural application of mobile videotaping to criminal interdiction patrol
Jim Kuboviak  More Info

About the Sam Houston State University Police Department

Sam Houston State University Police Department police officers are authorized by State statute to enforce Federal, State, and local laws and/or any regulation issued by the Board of Regents of Sam Houston State University on property under the control and jurisdiction of Sam Houston State University. The Department of Public Safety Services comprised of two divisions: The University Police Department and The Parking Management Office.


The University Police Department employs 15 commissioned and licensed Peace Officers, which include the Director, Assistant Director, two Police Supervisors, and nine Patrol Officers. The University Police Department provides police services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including holidays). The Parking Management Office employs 3 full time employees who issue SHSU Parking Permits, answer parking related questions, and collecting fines from parking violations that occur on the campus of Sam Houston State University.




Jim Kuboviak began his career in criminal justice in 1969 as a police officer for the San Houston State University Police Department (Texas).  Jim Kuboviak graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice in 1972; he earned two master's degrees; and two doctorates.  Since 1985, Jim Kuboviak has served as the County Attorney for Brazos County (Texas). Jim Kuboviak is the author of Legal and Procedural Application of Mobile Videotaping to Criminal Interdiction and DWI Mobile Videotaping for Police and Prosecutors: Policy, Procedures, and Law.

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