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CopTalk: Because What You Don't Know Will SHOCK You!
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About the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office:

The 720 sworn personnel and 332 civilian personnel of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office are organized into four bureaus: Administrative Services Bureau; Custody Services Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; and, the Support Services Bureau.


The Custody Services Bureau operates three detention facilities within the Detention Division, which are located in Marsh Creek, Martinez and Richmond. The three facilities average an inmate population in excess of 1,500. Custody Alternative and inmate transportation are also responsibilities of the Detention Division. Deputy Sheriffs provide security for the Superior Courts as well as Commissioners. The Marshal’s Office, with its accompanying duties pertaining to the Courts, was merged with the Office of the Sheriff in 1988, and now constitutes the Court Security Division within Custody Services Bureau.


The Field Operations Bureau consists of three service divisions: Patrol, Investigation and Coroner's. The Patrol Division provides patrol services for the unincorporated area of the County; the five contract cities of Danville, Lafayette, Oakley, Orinda and San Ramon; and the special districts in Alamo, Blackhawk, Crockett, Diablo and Roundhill; as well as contracted services with the Contra Costa County Housing Authority, A.C. Transit, the Contra Costa Water District and Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.


The Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigation of all reported felony offenses and certain misdemeanor crimes that occur in unincorporated areas. The Investigations Division investigates roughly 9,400 felony and misdemeanor crimes annually, to include homicides, robberies, burglaries, as well as all sex crimes and narcotics violations. Detectives are assigned to Narcotic Enforcement Teams (NETS), which are staffed by local law enforcement agencies and supervised by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) Agents. Detectives also provide service to contract cities and special districts.


The branch of Administrative Services is one of the four Bureaus in the Office of the Sheriff. Five distinct units described below provide the majority of services performed by this Bureau: Inspections and Control, Personnel and Finance, Planning and Research, Professional Standards and Employee Development. The Office of the Sheriff has its own Crime Laboratory, which provides service to all law enforcement agencies in the County and is known for its excellence.


The Communications Center dispatches for all Sheriff’s patrol units and contracted services, as well as all emergency medical and Animal Control services countywide. Annually, 800,000 phone calls are received in the Dispatch Center. The communications center was recently upgraded and remodeled.




Jim Lambert has been a first responder for over 27 years.  He has spent over eight years in the first service as both a firefighter and a paramedic assistant.  He began his law enforcement career over 17 years in law enforcement.  In addition to working the street, as a police officer, he has worked in custody, as a K9 handler and on the SWAT team.  His current assignment with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office (California) is with the Marine Patrol and Air Support Unit. 


Mark Lambert is a 13 year veteran of the Pittsburg Police Department (California).  He has been a patrol officer, K9 Handler and motor officer.  The brothers, Jim Lambert and Mark Lambert are co-authors of CopTalk: Because What You Don't Know Will SHOCK You!


According to the book description, CopTalk: Because What You Don't Know Will SHOCK You, is a crime prevention book.  CopTalk includes topics on: making your life and property safer; how to present you case in traffic court; the inner workings of a courtroom; how the average police officer thinks; how a criminal thinks; traffic quotas; and how to “to put the odds back in your favor against crime.”

One reader of CopTalk: Because What You Don't Know Will SHOCK You said, “Have you ever been pulled over and just wonder why? Have you ever wondered why they is not that cop there when you need them? Do you think you are safe in today’s society? Well Coptalk actually answers those questions - it is written in a style we all can understand... I was worried it was just another book about cops - but I was mistaken - It is all about us the normal everyday citizen and how we should be watching certain things to keep ourselves safe... It is not a damming view on society but rather a book full of checklists of what to look for in different situations to keep us safe.. Thanks for the great title - I am definitely telling my friends and family... I will keep this copy as my personal reference copy.”

One reader of CopTalk: Because What You Don't Know Will SHOCK You said “Crime is everywhere and there are not any safe places left. I bought the book because it looked interesting. The information I got from the book was far more than I expected. The book gives examples of how people became the victim of crime and then gives tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes. Some of the mistakes that people made in the book are things that I used to do daily. Although some of the topics are just plain common sense, the book helped me change the way I do some things and to take extra precautions. The book reminds everyone that crime is the result of opportunity. Take away the opportunity and you can avoid becoming a victim of crime. I enjoyed reading the book and will recommend it to my friends and family.”

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