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Sergeant Jody Kasper, Northampton Police Department “has been a police officer since 1996 and currently works as a patrol supervisor. Her written works include numerous articles that have been published in magazines such as Law and Order, The Police Chief and Police Recruit. Her first published book is on progressive police supervision. She has completed a second book on motivation and morale for police officers that will be published in 2011. All of her writing is centered around problem-solving. She identifies current problems or practices that could be improved upon and then clearly details successful strategies that can be easily implemented. 

Her writing is ideally suited for first-level supervisors and high-ranking administrators who are seeking to explore clear and progressive routes to improving the agencies that they work for. Beyond her duties at Northampton Police Department, she is also an adjunct professor at Elms College where she teaches for both the Psychology and Sociology Departments. She also teaches in-service training and recruit classes for the Municipal Police Training Committee. She has undergraduate degrees in criminal justice and psychology. She also has a Masters degrees in criminal justice and second Masters in public administration and policy. Sergeant Jody Kasper is the author of Progressive Police Supervision, Understanding and Preventing Duty-Related Deaths; and, Improving Motivation and Moral: A Police Leader's Guide.

According to the book description of Progressive Police Supervision, “Confront the unique leadership challenges of 21st century policing with confidence commitment and success! The book features: Proven solutions to PR problems & tips for maintaining a positive image; A practical perspective on policing: Where we've been, where we're going and why; Successfully implementing changes for improvement; The challenge of working with schools and the rewards of doing it well; Step-by-step instructions for getting your agency accredited; and, How "Total Quality Management" improves supervisors, officers & agencies.”

According to the book description of Improving Motivation and Morale: A Police Leader's Guide, “True leaders don't just lead, they inspire! If you think that creating and sustaining a positive, motivated and ultimately thriving work environment in your agency is a insurmountable task, think again. This revolutionary new book will give you the knowledge you need to prove that it's not!”





About the Northampton Police Department

The Northampton Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency.  According to the Northampton Police Department, “From 1782 to 1860, Northampton residents relied on the services of the Northampton Society for Thievesand Robbers for their protection.  This was an organization of businessmen, comprised of a Clerk, a Treasurer, a Board of Directors and twelve pursuers.  For a fee of $2.00 per year, this group provided protection for your property against thieves and robbers.  Unfortunately, this organization was no longer in operation when in January of 1876, the Northampton National Bank was burglarized.  The notorious and skilled burglars were able to pull off such a heist because the two night patrolman employed by the town had gone home at 4:00 AM.

In 1884, one of the early acts of the first Mayor of the newly chartered City of Northampton, was to establish a police department.  Mayor Benjamin E. Cook appointed Colonel Joseph E. Parsons as the first Chief of Police in February of that year.  Along with his two night policemen, his mission was to keep order, to remove all suspected persons and to protect property from loss or damage.  As the City of Northampton grew and changed, so too did it's police department.  In 1917 we received our first police automobile.  In that same year the Center Street School was converted to a police station.  Forty-eight years later, in 1965, the present police station was constructed in an adjacent lot on Center Street.

In its 112 year history the Northampton Police Department has led the way in many advances in the field of police services.  Northampton was the first police department in Western Massachusetts to have the 911 phone system and among the first to offer videotaped booking for use in court proceedings.  In more recent years, Northampton was the first community in Massachusetts to replicate the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program.  In 1994, Northampton was the first to offer a Citizen Police Academy.”

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