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Joe Broadmeadow

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Joe Broadmeadow "retired with the Rank of Captain from the East Providence, Rhode Island Police Department after twenty years of service. Assigned to various divisions within the department including Commander of Investigative Services, he also worked in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and on special assignment to the FBI and DEA."  Joe Broadmeadow is the author of Silenced Justice: A Josh Williams Novel, Spirit of the Trail and Collision Course.

According to the book description of Silenced Justice: A Josh Williams Novel, "Lieutenant Josh Williams is back in this latest thriller from Joe Broadmeadow, Silenced Justice. When his former boss, retired Lieutenant Chris Hamlin, asks him to reopen an old case, Josh uncovers the shocking truth behind an innocent man's death in prison.  In 1972, Darnell Grey, accused of a series of rapes and a homicide, is beaten to death in the prison while awaiting trial.


As a black man accused of crimes against white women, a justice system intent on vengeance uses all its resources to secure his imprisonment.  Evidence of his innocence is ignored, witnesses manipulated, and the truth locked away, putting him into a racially volatile prison system. With his death, his memory and the case against him fades into the past. Determined to bring the matter to light, the deeper Josh looks into the case, the more dangerous it becomes for him and those he loves.  Discovering a darker, more sinister conspiracy in play, Josh risks everything to uncover the truth. A truth that unveils hollowness and corruption at the very core of government and our Justice System."


According to the book description of Spirit of the Trail, "Keryan Murphy dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail. He realizes his dream, and discovers the challenges, and change, the trail can inspire."


According to the book description of Collision Course, "Ambition, Politics. Murder. Elements in the tragic collision of two lives. Anthony 'JoJo' Machado decorated Marine combat veteran and Detective Sergeant Josh Williams, East Providence, Rhode Island Police Department. Two men inextricably linked by circumstances beyond their control. One will die. One will face the loss of everything he holds dear.


Collision Course is the riveting story of blind political ambition trampling truth. US Attorney Robert Collucci, candidate for the US Senate, will stop at nothing to succeed, using the rage of racial inequality to fuel his quest for power. Williams and Machado are pawns in this game of politics.  One person stands for the truth against the power of the government. A sarcastic, misogynistic, former Green Beret, defense lawyer named Harrison "Hawk" Bennett, risking his career to set things right.  Collision Course is Joseph Wambaugh meets Mayberry RFD. Big city drama intermixed with small city politics."

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