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Joe Hefferon

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Lieutenant Joe Hefferon of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office is a 22 yeaer veteran of law enforcement who is currently assigned to the office of the chief.  He “has been a police officer for more than twenty-two years. His experiences have given him access to the scarier hallways of the human psyche, helping to layer his narrative with poignancy, grit, and dark humor. Joe is the proud parent of two beautiful children, Jack and Kaitlin.” Lieutenant Joe Hefferon is the author of The Sixth Session, Scattergun: A Reckoning in Two Acts, Alice: Book II Texas Trilogy; and, The Seventh Level: Designing your Extraordinary Life.

According to the book description of The Sixth Session, “Newspaper man Carter Jackson forms an unlikely alliance with Detective Brooke Enright to stop the awful killing of children while reconciling their own inner torment. Carter is reeling over the death of his beloved wife and immerses himself in the brutal investigation, set against one bitter cold December.  The Sixth Session will make you think about the best and worst of human capacities. It will make you want to fall in love again, even with all its tragic consequences.”

According to the book description of Scattergun: A Reckoning in Two Acts, “Scattergun is the first short work in a series examining the dark side of the human condition, set in the aberrant world of a synaesthetic Texas ranger, Lamar McNelly. Book One: Riding shotgun in the mind of a wandering killer, stalking the plains of the rural west, until a violent confrontation in a Colorado rail yard pits the cerebral McNelly against the mammalian brain of an outlaw.”

According to the book description of Alice: Book II Texas Trilogy (Texas Crime Trilogy 2), “Detective Lieutenant Chucho Zarate picks up the molecules of a decaying corpse drifting on the midnight air of Christmas Eve. No one in the small church notices, but his nose never lies; he knows some poor bastard has met a violent demise. What he doesn't know is this murder will unlock an internal gate holding back a spree killer, soon to be set loose upon Southeast Texas.

As the bodies pile up and the frustration mounts, the governor orders in the Texas Rangers to end the madness, and Captain Lamar McNelly, the synesthetic lawman, leads the team. Together, McNelly and Zarate find themselves in a race to catch a phantom, with the next victim just a happenstance away.”

According to the book description of The Seventh Level: Designing Your Extraordinary Life, “Do you feel a rage to achieve? Are you unsure how to begin? What are the secrets to building an extraordinary life? What are the best methods for generating ideas, formulating a plan and constructing your vision? In The Seventh Level, Joe Hefferon guides you through a seven-step process distilled from an exploration of the world’s most ingenious minds—the architects of the great cathedrals and skyscrapers, the visionary galleries and awe-inspiring residences. Nearly every important moment of our lives is in some way connected to a built place, and now that place can be you. Join forces with the architects to design the life you’ve always dreamed of. This is your pocket renaissance, the new era of you, the quest for that elusive seventh level."





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