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Shades of Blue
Chief Joe Pelkington  More Info

About the Treasure Island Police Department

The Treasure Island Police Department was established in 1955.  Today, the Treasure Island Police Department consists of 20 sworn police officers and a variety of civilian support personnel.  According to the Treasure Island Police Department, there police officers, “typically perform more follow up on their own criminal cases than do officers in larger city or metro area agencies. This allows patrol officers to continually develop their investigative and report writing skills. It also means that TIPD officers are well prepared in court.”


In addition to regular patrol services, the Treasure Island Police Department maintains a Marine Patrol which “is a full time dedicated unit focused on marine enforcement, safety and education. The department utilizes a 24’ Boston Whaler Justice, equipped with twin 200 hp Yamaha engines as well as state of the art radar and chart plotter. During the peak boating season from May until September, and on holidays and weekends, additional officers may be assigned to increase protection and safety. Specially trained officers are assigned to bicycle patrol, which provides a greater degree of access, closeness and increased interaction between the officers and members of the community. The department utilizes several patrol bikes, including three fully equipped Mercedes Mountain Bikes.”




Chief Joe Pelkington’s 43 year career in law enforcement began with the Tampa Police Department, in 1960.  As a member of the Tampa Police Department, he commanded the Patrol Division, Detective Division and the Selective Enforcement Bureau.  In 1985, he retired from the Tampa Police Department as a Deputy Police Chief.  He then began an 18 year career with the Treasure Island Police Department (Florida) as their chief of police. Joe Pelkington is the author of Shades of Blue.


According to the book description of Shades of Blue, “The early 1960's were the years that segregation started to wane and civil disobedience tested police leadership. The police had broad discretion on the use of force including deadly force. Society demanded and pressured police to exhibit restraint and improve professional conduct. Police violence, tragedy, courage, dedication, compassion and misconduct are all revealed in this book. There are stories of police responding to dangerous encounters, humorous cases involving humans, animals and about police officers themselves. There are stories of high stress situations such as high speed chases, officers killed in shoot-outs, heroics in high-risk rescue operations, handling riots and labor strikes. The final chapters bring to light the challenges for a chief, in a small community, surviving a political mind field and with the loyalty and help of a few members in the department, a police organization was rebuilt which resulted in an extraordinary police team of men and women.”

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