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Detective John J. Baeza started his career in law enforcement as a New York State Correction Officer working at the Sing-Sing and Otisville correctional facilities. He was employed by the New York City Police Department for nearly 12 years. John Baeza began his police career in Harlem’s 32nd Precinct as a patrol officer. He was then assigned to the Manhattan North Tactical Narcotics Team where he performed undercover work for three years. John Baeza was promoted to Detective during his Narcotics assignment. From 1994 to 2000, he was assigned to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad where he personally investigated more than 2000 sex crimes and child abuse cases.


Three New York City Police Department detectives are among the co-authors of the Rape Investigations Handbook.  According to the book description, “This work addresses specific investigative and forensic processes related to sex crimes for those who work in law enforcement, the defense community, or in the private sector. It is an unprecedented collaborative work -- the first working manual for sex crime investigators, written by sex crime investigators and forensic scientists.


The key feature of this work is a thorough overview of the investigative and forensic processes related to sex crime investigation. It takes the reader through investigative and forensic processes in a logical sequence, showing how investigations of rape and sexual assault can and should be conducted from start to finish. It is intended to set the investigative and forensic standard for sex crimes investigation.


It is designed to be accessible, in terms of language, not only to a detective or investigator who does hands on casework, but to the student in the classroom learning about the subject for the first time.


This work is an excellent training manual for sex crime investigators around the world. It is also an excellent textbook for any hands on university course on the subject of sex crime investigation. This work is an excellent supplement for any investigative course involving violent crime or death investigation. The only comprehensive reference available on the investigation of sexual assault and rape, a crime 10 times more prevalent than murder;  Authored by qualified investigators and forensic professionals with more than twenty years of collective experience working cases, preparing them for court, and offering testimony; and, Written in a clear, practical style, ideal for professionals in forensic nursing, law enforcement, the legal community, and the investigative community.”

Rape Investigation Handbook
Brent E. Turvey  More Info

From the History of the New York Police Department

"Certainly, as no spot of ground on this continent had the reputation of having been the witness of more crime, so no spot had such repulsive features, or where want and woe were more apparent. Every house was a brothel, the resort of persons of every age, sex, and color; every store a dram-shop, where from morning till morning the thieves and abandoned characters of the town whetted their depraved tastes, and concocted future crimes and villainies."

The Police, it may readily be believed, were not over anxious to intermediate with the little social pleasantries that the inhabitants were so prone to indulge in. Indeed, Police interference's of any kind would be entirely superfluous and out of place, as the Five Points was a very active volcano, and to attempt to stop the innumerable small eruptions would be only to intensify the death-dealing discharges from the main crater. A knowledge of these facts will serve to prepare the mind of the reader for the historical realism of the accompanying picture of the Five Points in its palmiest days.

In these years, the vicinity of the Five Points seemed to be looked upon as needing the especial care of the Police. The lawlessness of the neighborhood began to become notorious, and for the purposes of restraining the criminal disposition of its inhabitants, three additional Watchmen, besides the usual number, were assigned for that duty. Even that did not seem to satisfy the Aldermen, for they ordered that when the Watchmen went off duty at daylight, two additional Policemen should patrol the neighborhood until the Watch was again set at night. But it was "love's labor lost." A regiment of soldiers, much less a handful of Police, could not have overcome the turbulence and depravity of the unregenerate denizens. In this year, also, the first allowance for sweeping the watch-house was made, the average amount being four dollars per fortnight. The question of detaining prisoners arrested on Saturday until Monday morning before arraigning them in court, seems to have attracted the attention of the Aldermen, for in August they passed a resolution directing the Police Magistrates to attend at the respective Police offices on the Sabbath day.


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