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John Eisler spent thirteen years as a SERE Specialist. He commanded schools in Germany, Thailand, and N.J. In 1968, he joined the Office of Special Investigations; serving in Vietnam, Germany and California. After retirement from Federal law enforcement service, he became a civilian narcotics inspector.

As a civilian law enforcement official, John Eisler’s  partner was dynamited by the Hell’s Angels in retaliation for seizing one of their automobiles. Returning to his SERE roots John Eisler went to Saudi Arabia, to train Saudi Arabian and Jordanian Air Forces in Desert and Sea Survival. Upon returning to California, he became the Human Resources Manager for Vacaville Police Department.  John Eisler retired again in 1997, he joined the Reedley Police Department (California). He left the Reedley Police Department and  went to Kosovo to teach at the new Kosovo Police Academy. He returned to Kosovo as the Chief of Investigations in Rahovec. John Eisler was next assigned to the Jordan International Police Training Center to train Iraqi Police Cadets. John Eisler is the author of The Tanning Bed Murders.


According to the book description of The Tanning Bed Murders, “when Kunkle is brutally murdered by being restrained in his luxury tanning bed. Jake Lowry, a retired Oakland California, Police Officer has moved to North Idaho. Missing the thrill of catching crooks, he joins the Sheriff's Department in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Jake and his partner are assigned the murder case. As the case develops, Jake discovers that a similar murder has been committed in Canada. Liaison with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police develops a possible intriguing suspect. The ultimate identity of the murderer will keep the reader turning pages until the final page.”


One reader of The Tanning Bed Murders said, “love a good mystery! This book was slow to get started...after the first 27 pages I was about to give up, but then, it just flew! Very detailed, cop based, thriller, with a great twist. Very descriptive, without the CSI mumbo-jumbo that can sometimes loose a reader of mysteries. This was a long book, but it didn't take me long to finish it after I got into it. So, my advise is don't quit on this one. It is well worth the 500+ pages of material. Also makes me want to visit the great  northwest, with its magnificent settings. Hope there is more from this author.”


One reader of The Tanning Bed Murders said, “This is a very detailed, precise 545-page novel that keeps you guessing along the way. The author is obviously an experienced detective and shares all his knowledge and investigative skills. The main character is Jake Lowry who has moved from a high-crime-rate city in California to enjoy his retirement in beautiful Coeur d'Alene in Northern Idaho. Jake soon finds himself back working as a deputy sheriff for Kootenai County with a German-born partner Gunter Lenca. Then the story takes off with the brutal murder of a scion of a prominent family. There's more than the usual cast of characters, and the reader stay glued to the developments from page to page. I liked how the author outlined the characters just before the first chapter. It helped me keep track. I enjoyed it and recommend it to others who want a cerebral and realistic novel to tackle. Good job by the writer.”

About the Reedley Police Department

The Reedley Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency located in California.  It is organized into the Administrative Section, Operations and Support.  According to the Reedley Police Department, “The Administration Section of the Reedley Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, 2 Lieutenants, who serve as Division Commander of the Operations and Support Services Divisions, and one Administrative Assistant. The Administration Section is responsible for the effective and efficient supply of police services for the entire city. These services consists of daily patrol, traffic enforcement, School Resources, Investigations, Communications, Records Management, Training, Community Service through Neighborhood Watch and Volunteer Programs and Internal Affairs Investigations.


The Reedley Police Department Operations Division consists of one Lieutenant, 5 Sergeants, 15 Patrol Officers, 2 Reserve Officer Positions, one Animal Control Officer, and 10 Police Explorers. Units within this Division consist of the Canine Unit, Field Training Officers, Training Division, Gang Unit, Reserve Unit, Beach Patrol Unit, Bike Unit, Revitalization Project Team, Traffic Unit, D.U.I. Team, and the Explorer Post.

The Reedley Police Department Support Services Division consists of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeants, 3 Detectives, 1 Civilian Supervisor, 6 Dispatchers, 2 Records Specialists, 1 Property/Evidence CSO and 2 Part Time CSO's. Units within this Division consist of the Detective Unit, Narcotics, Communications, Records, Jail and Facility Management, Property / Evidence, Major Crime Scene Unit, Court Liaison, Personnel and POST Training Compliance.”

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