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Cold War Warrior
John "Jack" Miller  More Info

All Crooks Welcome
John Miller  More Info

About the Nevada State Gaming Control Board

The Enforcement Division is the law enforcement arm of the Gaming Control Board.  It maintains five offices statewide and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Primary responsibilities are to conduct criminal and regulatory investigations; arbitrate disputes between patrons and licensees; gather intelligence on organized criminal groups involved in gaming related activities; make recommendations on potential candidates for the "List of Excluded Persons"; conduct background investigations on work card applicants; and, inspect and approve new games, surveillance systems, chips and tokens, charitable lotteries and bingo.

John "Jack" Miller applied his first career in Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigations to his second career of Casino Games and their protection. Jack was a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) conducting investigations of felony crimes. These investigations also included counter-intelligence and counter-espionage investigations.


After retiring from the military, he joined the Clark County District Attorneys office as a Special Investigator of "white collar" and conspiratorial crimes. He worked with undercover teams from the local Police and the FBI conducting burglary stings. He then joined the Nevada State Gaming Control Board (GCB) as an Enforcement Agent. He was certified by Nevada State and Federal Courts as an Expert witness during trials of gambling cheats.


John “Jack” Miller is the author of Cold War Warrior, All Crooks Welcome and Master Cheat! According to the book description of the true story, All Crooks Welcome, “the Las Vegas police are plagued with burglaries. Two detectives devise an ingenious scheme to combat the thieves and burglars. Pose as fences and buy the evidence from the crooks. With the help of the District Attorney’s office and the FBI, the sting is on. Join with the undercover law enforcement personnel as they solve the problems associated with a scheme never tried before. Be there as the crooks arrive with their ill-gotten gains. Enjoy the wrap-up party where the thieves expect one thing and get another.”


One reader said of All Crooks Welcome, “John Miller was an investigator with the Clark County (NV) DA's office. Along with other members of law enforcement they initiated the first sting - buying stolen property from the crooks so the crooks could be prosecuted at a later date. At times the crooks will make you laugh and at other times you want to jump into the pages and bring the crooks to justice yourself.”

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