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John Matthews, the "Executive Director of Community Safety Institute, is an Assistant Chief Constable for Dallas County and a former small-town Chief of Police. Earlier in his law enforcement career, he served as a member of the Dallas Police Department. John Matthews has a BA and Masters in Administrative Management.  He has served as a facilitator and instructor for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Police Foundation, the National Sheriffs Association, the National League of Cities, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street program."  John Matthews is the author of The Eyeball Killer, School Safety 101-Preparting Schools and Protecting Students, Neighborhood Watch 101: Protecting our Neighborhoods; and, Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival.

According to the description of The Eyeball Killer, "Death was an occupational hazard for every hooker who worked Dallas's depressed south side. That's why police weren't surprised to find the body of prostitute Mary Lou Pratt shot to death in December of 1990...until the discovery that sickened even the seasoned coroner: the young woman's eyes had been cut out."


According to the description of School Safety 101-Preparing Schools and Protecting Students, "School safety does not have to be expensive, but it must be a priority. This 3rd edition of School Safety 101 will aid administrators, staff, students, and community stakeholders in learning how to create a culture of safety in their schools. It includes the RAIN (Respond/Assess/Isolate/Notify) model designed for schools, and introduces a new ESCAPE crisis-response model designed after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut."


According to the description of Neighborhood Watch 101: Protecting, "For over four decades Neighborhood Watch has been synonymous with community safety. NW has provided law enforcement agencies throughout the country with the additional "eyes and ears" needed to help keep our nation safe from crime and secure from terrorism. Neighborhood Watch 101 is a guide for both law enforcement officers who work with NW initiatives, and for citizens who are interested in volunteering or leading a local Watch group."


According to the description of Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival, "examining more than 60 mass shootings that have occurred in the US since 1980, this book focuses on the actions taken and the decisions made by victims of these horrific attacks. The books illustrates that these incidents have happened all too often to average people engaged in everyday activities. The author's easy-to-understand ESCAPE Model offers specific techniques to utilize in a mass shooting incident."

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