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John Moran retired after twenty-seven years in the NYCPD with eleven years in the communications division and rest on patrol. His oldest daughter was appointed to the PD in 1986 and received his shield until she was promoted to detective. John Moran is the author of U.F. 16 A.K.A. Nothing to Report.

According to the book description of U.F. 16 A.K.A. Nothing to Report, “U.F. 16 is the official name for a police officer’s memo book. It is carried by patrol officers and used to record their assignment and any action taken during their tour. Some officers felt that the less they wrote is the way to go so that they would not be questioned about an entry they made. Others would write more to make it easier to recall or cover their rear end in case there is a controversy.

In this fascinating book, Moran reveals his past assignments taken from a total of sixty-seven memo books both old and new where entries were made. It covers sixteen years, including eleven years in communications division when memo entries were not required. Browse through the intriguing pages of U.F. 16 and experience exciting days as well as quiet times when there was nothing to report!"

One reader of U.F. 16 A.K.A. Nothing to Report said, “I come from a family of police officers and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having first hand knowledge of what things come up on a day to day basis for the "cop" on the beat, I found this chronicle to be open, honest and very informative. Hopefully, relatives and friends of officers who read this, will have a better understanding of the diverse duties these brave men and women face every day.”

U.F. 16
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One reader of U.F. 16 A.K.A. Nothing to Report said, “I picked up this book at a local book signing. I though it would be a great gift for my Uncle who is retired Sheriff in the south. He loved the hearing about the ins and outs of the NYPD!”

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