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Rape Investigation Handbook
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From the History of the New York Police Department 

At a meeting of the Common Council, held on the same date, a law remodeling the system of night watching was three times read and approved. It was then ordered that "the same be forthwith printed and published, and the same, after the ringing of three bells, was published accordingly." This law opened with along preamble, setting forth, that all inhabitants of the city, "south of Fresh Water," whether "freemen of the city" or mere residents, provided they were physically able, ought by reason of their habitation to keep watch for the "preservation of the King's peace, and for the arresting and apprehending of all night-walkers, malefactors, and suspected persons, which shall be found passing, wandering and misbehaving themselves." The preamble further set forth that the functions of the Constable extended not only to the ward in which he was appointed, but also, to the whole city. It was declared, too, that "there is now, and of late year hath been, by reason of great numbers of people privately coming into the said city from all parts, some whereof are suspected to be convict felons, transported from Great Britain." For this reason it was set forth that the need for a strong and efficient watch was very great.

After this formidable opening, the "Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen assembled," went onto ordain that each one of the Constables of the six wards on the south side of Fresh Water, in turn, together with eight able-bodies Watchmen (or as may more as the Mayor and three Aldermen might from time to time direct), should keep watch every night at the public ware-house, or such other point as might be selected, from April 1 until Michaelmas Day, from nine o'clock in the evening until four o'clock in the morning; and from Michaelmas Day to April 1, from eight o'clock in the evening until six o'clock in the morning. It appears that the Aldermen and assistants had lately taken "an exact survey" of the six wards, and made a list of all the inhabitants and housekeepers in them, who were able to watch or find Watchmen.


Our Police Protectors

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John Savino has been a member of the New York City Police Department since 1982. His career has spanned all aspects of law enforcement, beginning with a short assignment as a uniformed police officer and quick advancement to the Narcotics Division. His investigative skills began developing while assigned to the Manhattan North Narcotics Division. This assignment also helped develop his ability to talk with people from all walks of life, as he worked in an “undercover” capacity buying narcotics in Manhattan.


For the last 15 years he has been assigned to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad, where he investigates reports of Child Abuse and any Sexual Assault occurring in the Borough of Manhattan. While assigned to the Special Victims Squad, he has risen to the prestigious rank of 1st Grade Detective. Detective Savino has been involved in thousands of investigations of rape and sexual assault, and has been the lead investigator in many successful serial rape and pattern investigations.


Three New York City Police Department detectives are among the co-authors of the Rape Investigations Handbook.  According to the book description, “This work addresses specific investigative and forensic processes related to sex crimes for those who work in law enforcement, the defense community, or in the private sector. It is an unprecedented collaborative work -- the first working manual for sex crime investigators, written by sex crime investigators and forensic scientists.


The key feature of this work is a thorough overview of the investigative and forensic processes related to sex crime investigation. It takes the reader through investigative and forensic processes in a logical sequence, showing how investigations of rape and sexual assault can and should be conducted from start to finish. It is intended to set the investigative and forensic standard for sex crimes investigation.


It is designed to be accessible, in terms of language, not only to a detective or investigator who does hands on casework, but to the student in the classroom learning about the subject for the first time.


This work is an excellent training manual for sex crime investigators around the world. It is also an excellent textbook for any hands on university course on the subject of sex crime investigation. This work is an excellent supplement for any investigative course involving violent crime or death investigation. The only comprehensive reference available on the investigation of sexual assault and rape, a crime 10 times more prevalent than murder;  Authored by qualified investigators and forensic professionals with more than twenty years of collective experience working cases, preparing them for court, and offering testimony; and, Written in a clear, practical style, ideal for professionals in forensic nursing, law enforcement, the legal community, and the investigative community.”

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