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Cop team
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About the New York City Police Department Housing BureauThe New York City Police Department Housing Bureau was responsible for providing the security and delivery of police services to about 420,000 people using public housing throughout New York City. They were stationed in Police Service Areas (PSA), which are almost identical to police precincts, with nine PSAs in total located throughout the five boroughs. Police officers often did vertical patrols, making sure illegal activity does not take place in the halls, stairways, or the roof. The housing police was merged with the New York Police Department, like the New York City Transit Police, in 1995. Today, some new police officers are randomly assigned to housing units.

“Cop Team” by John Sepe, of the New York City Housing Police, is billed as “the blockbusting true story of New York’s famed “Lone Ranger and Tonto” undercover cop team.” 

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