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Joseph B. Haggerty Sr.

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Joseph B. Haggerty Sr., Metropolitan Police Department (Washington, D.C.) (ret.) is currently a Senior Special Agent with the Office of Inspector General for Amtrak.  Joseph B. Haggerty Sr.is the author of Shame: The Story of a Pimp.

According to the book description of Shame: The Story of a Pimp, “This is the story of a pimp, Shame, the women he uses and abuses and how he recruited and maintained them on the street. First the street is revealed through Shame's mother, Latisa, as she works for different pimps, including a pimp/gambler who uses her to entice customers with live sex shows until they crossed organized crime.

Shame has many run-ins with the law as a juvenile, but escapes detention while attending his mother's funeral. He falls in love, but is rejected when his lover finds out how old he is. As an adult, he encounters a couple of seasoned prostitutes. He convinces them to make him the kind of pimp they want. He quickly develops into a pimp like the rest of the vultures on the street. In the course of his initiation, a gangster pimp forcibly takes one of his women. Her wife-in-law attempts to rescue her.

Shame moves on, recruiting young victims and learning from other pimps the ins and outs of the street. He meets a young woman and against the unwritten rules of the street falls in love. Fighting against his feelings he cons her into believing he's in trouble to get her into prostitution. When she finds out he is a pimp, she turns on him. She is kidnapped and drugged into submission. She tries to escape, but is found dead of a drug overdose.

A policewoman who grew up with the drug victim conducts her own investigation. She goes undercover as a prostitute and another of Shame's women dies in a suspicious manner. She joins forces with a D.C. vice detective and they obtain enough evidence to get Shame arrested. The very dramatic trial does not turn out the way they expected and the victims of Shame decide to get their own justice.”

One reader of Shame: The Story of a Pimp said, “I couldn't put the book down when i would I would have to pick it up again just to find out what would happen next, it kept me reading all the way to the end. this is a great book, it shows the true life of the sex industry and how the general public sees the people in it, I have told all my friends on face book, and in my life they need to read this book. I would say anyone who works with children that are runaways or throw-aways or anyone just interested in the lifestyle at all should get this book it is a true insight on how the system really views these kids and the people that keep them in the life as children and into adulthood.”


One reader of Shame: The Story of a Pimp said, “This book is a great read. Once you start, it's hard to put it down. You can't wait to see what happens next. Just when you think you've seen it all, the writer comes up with something new that will have your jaw dropping. If you like shows like "The Wire" or "Homicide: Life on the Streets" you'll love this book. This is what life on the street is really like. I have been in law enforcement for 33 years and believe me, this is way better than reality TV.”

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