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Street Narcotic Enforcement
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About the Fullerton Police Department

According to the Fullerton Police Department website, “Justice was swift under Fullerton’s first lawman: When Pendergrast caught a miscreant, he would take the criminal before Town Justice Alec Wright, who would interrupt his duties as secretary of the Golden Bell Fruit Co. and hold trial. When necessary, a jury would be sworn in from among the company workers. By 1900, Fullerton’s population reached 1,719 and the town had a new constable, James Gardiner. But his time in office was tragically short: He died of pneumonia contracted while rescuing people in the Great Flood of 1900.


Succeeding Gardiner was Oliver S. Schumacher, who was the last constable prior to incorporation of the city in 1904. After incorporation, Fullerton had a popularly elected town marshal. Winner of the first election was W.A. Barnes, whose duties were to collect all licenses, supervise all road work, and be on duty from 7 a.m. till midnight. Not surprisingly, Barnes found the job too demanding and resigned, to be replaced by Charles E. Ruddock.”


Today, the nearly 230 employees of the Fullerton Police Department are organized into three divisions (Detective Division, Service Division and Uniformed Division) which answer to the chief of police. In 2007, the Fullerton Police Department’s budget was over $35 million dollars. The Fullerton Police Department has an authorized strength of sworn personnel (2007) that consists of 3 captains, 6 lieutenants, twenty-three sergeants, fifty-five police corporals, and sixty-eight police officers. 




Sergeant Joseph Klein, a retired member of the Fullerton Police Department, had a law enforcement career that spanned well over 25 years.  He had worked all major law enforcement assignments including street level and major narcotic enforcement. He was a nationally recognized drug expert, and was selected by the International Association of Chief's of Police as one of the top ten officers in the nation. Joe Klein was a Certified Drug Recognition Expert, and a court qualified drug expert.  Joseph Klein was also a officer in the California Narcotics Officer Association; likely a chapter president.  He is the author of Street Narcotic Enforcement.


According to the book description of Street Narcotic Enforcement, “This is a powerful and informative handbook for identifying the most commonly abused street drugs, and for recognizing symptoms of abuse. This book contains everything from Heroin to GHB, including drug photos and a step by step guide for conducting "under the influence evaluations." This book is a must for criminal justice practitioners, private security professionals, educators, and parents.”

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