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Deputy Chief Joseph K. Loughlin of the Portland Police Department (Maine) is the co-author of Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine.  Currently the Deputy Chief in charge of the Bureau of Operations, he is a 25 year veteran of the Portland Police Department.


According to Lloyd Ferriss of Blethen Maine Newspapers, the story is “told with riveting detail and empathy, "Finding Amy" is the true story of an unusual several-month police investigation that brought imprisonment to a psychopath who murdered a lovely young Biddeford woman in 2001. The authors, veteran mystery writer Kate Clark Flora and Capt. Joseph K. Loughlin of the Portland Police Department, combined talents to write this highly compelling insider's view of the hunt that netted Amy St. Laurent's killer.”


Publisher’s Weekly said of Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine, “Last seen in a Brighton Avenue apartment of Portland, Maine on a Saturday night in October of 2001, Amy St. Laurent, 25, had gone out to show a visiting friend the city's Old Port section. Loughlin was then a Lieutenant (now Captain) and 24-year veteran of the Portland Police Department; Flora is a former assistant attorney general for the state and the author of seven mystery novels (Chosen for Death, etc.). Loughlin's recorded entries about the case-his thoughts, emotions and reactions to the investigation-amplify Flora's straightforward but potent narrative as detectives search for the grave, find it (about halfway through the book) and build a case against a leading suspect. This is a feast for proceduralists, giving countless small details of the work-a-day slogging involved, an effort that leads the department to make good on the mystery, catching Amy's murderer, and making the case stick.”

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine
Joseph K. Loughlin  More Info

About the Portland Police Department

The Portland Police Department is Maine's largest municipal law enforcement agency.  It is organized into: Patrol Division; Community Affairs; Criminal Investigations; Information Services; and, Specialized Areas.


The Patrol Division encompasses most uniformed services including Patrol Teams, the Tactical Enforcement Unit and Animal Control. Community Affairs consists of the Community Policing Program, Island Services, and the Traffic Unit. Criminal Investigations is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all reported incidents in Portland. This function includes General Investigations, Forensics, Property/Evidence, and the Victim Advocate. As law enforcement grows into the information age, the Information Services functions of the Department gain greater importance. Computer services, Emergency Communications and the record keeping for the Department are located here.  The Department has several specialized functions that are not directly associated to any of the areas above such as the K-9 Unit, Dive Team, and the CIT. CIT is the Crisis Intervention Team that consists of highly trained officers who deal with people suffering from a mental health crisis.





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