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Joseph Turner is a retired New York City Police Department police officer who has authored three books: Memorandum Pad U.F. 16; Partners; and, New York City Medley.  In his book, Memorandum it is explained that certain members of the New York Police Department are required to maintain a record of all duty performed on a Department Form called the F. 16 - Memorandum Pad.  His book is a collection of stories told by five NYPD officers who joined NYPD in 1954.   Using their pads, these five old-timers share funny, poignant and frightening stories from their careers.

According to one reader of Memorandum Pad U.F. 16, “This book is a recollection of various incidents occurring over the three decades long career of a big city street cop and his close colleagues, told in the form of short stories based upon the daily event memo pad that police officers are required to keep. Some of the tales are humorous, some are sad, but all are poignant.”

From the History of the New York City Police Department 
In 1702 a proclamation was made, warning all persons to do duty on the constables' Watch, under penalty of six shillings fine for every instance of negligence. On October 26, f this year, Aldermen Corbett and Smith and Messrs. Leroux and Cooper were appointed to agree with four or five "able citizens to be the Watch and bellmen of this Citty to April 1, following." This committee reported on December 1, as follows:

"Pursuant to an order of the Common Council, made the 26th day of this Instant Month of October, we have agreed with Robert Drummond, Richard Yearsley, Edmund Thomas, and John Vanderbeeck, four able-bodies Cittizens of this Citty to be the Watch and Bellmen of this Citty from the 1st of November next ensuing until the 1st day of April, then next following, which service they are duly and diligently to attend by going every hour in the night through the several streets of this Citty and publishing the time of night, and also to apprehend all disturbers of the peace, felons, &c., also to take care that no damage is done in the Citty by fire or any other casualties as much as in them lies; for which service they are to have the sum of forty-five pounds, current money of New York, six pounds whereof to be paid them in six weeks, and the remainder at the expiration of the time; and that a Lanthorn, Bell, and hour-glass be provided them att the Citty's charge."

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Memorandum Pad U.F. 16
Joseph P. Turner  More Info

Joseph P. Turner  More Info

New York City Medley
Joseph P. Turner  More Info

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