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Julie Hryniewicz-Hache

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Julie Hryniewicz-Hache was hired by the Ontario Provincial Police in 1995 as a Provincial Constable.  During her law enforcement career she served in five detachments of the Northeast Region of Ontario.  Today, Julie Hryniewicz-Hache is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and author.  According to Julie, My purpose revealed itself through my adversity.  Despite divorce, depression, illness, and bankruptch, I am so blessed for every step of my journey.  Julie Hryniewicz-Hache is the author of Natural Balance: How To Energize, Heal, & Simplify Your Life.


According to the description of Natural Balance: How To Energize, Heal, & Simplify Your Life, You were created by the same magnificent Power that makes our sun rise and set on cue every single day - you have a purpose and you deserve peace. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How do you get there?  Natural Balance: How To Energize, Heal, & Simplify Your Life incorporates healing images of nature, inspirational quotes, empowerment, self-exploration journal pages, and the opportunity to collage your way to a better life. Whatever has happened in life so far is behind you; you have the opportunity now to take your journey to new heights by releasing anything that is holding you back, finding joy in your gifts and passions, replenishing your energy levels, and living full out. You have this undetermined span of time between today and the rest of your life; life is too short to miss out on the amazing feeling of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude for your days. You are truly magnificent; you just may not realize it yet! 

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