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Junction City Police Department (Kansas)

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Mike Smitley

About the Junction City Police Department

In May of 1858, the construction of a new community began near the location where the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers join. The new community was named Junction City.  Early law enforcement of the new community was handled by the County Sheriff, City Marshall, and often the protective device of Army regiments from nearby Fort Riley. The Provost-Marshall of Fort Riley was called upon to preserve the peace and maintain order. These early years were marked by many vigilante groups reported to use violence as the quickest form of justice.


In 1867 a City Marshall was appointed in Junction City to aid in the keeping of the peace, but it was not until a proclamation was made from the Mayor’s Office that "no citizen, officer or soldier, except when on duty, shall carry on their persons any pistol, revolver, bowie knife, or slug shot or other deadly weapon either concealed or otherwise, within the limits of Junction City", that civilization began to take hold in Junction City.


In the early 1870’s, Wild Bill Hickok was hired by the Mayor to clean up Junction City. Since that time, Junction City has had 28 different men appointed to the position of City Marshall or Chief of Police. The terms City Marshall and Chief of Police were used interchangeably in the early years. The role of Chief of Police has varied through the years even to include City Purchasing Agent and Street Commissioner.


The Patrol/Operations Division of the Junction City Police Department is the largest division in the department. It consists of the 36 officers who provide the active uniformed patrol functions on the street and the 10 members of the emergency 911 dispatch center. The members of this division are responsible for being the first line of defense in this community's fight against crime.





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