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All of the books listed on this page were written by a state or local police officer.

School Resource Officer: Functioning as a Cop in Today's High School
Mark Walerysiak  More Info

Mark Walerysiak has over ten years of law enforcement experience with the Meriden Police Department (Connecticut).  Currently, he is a detective working the Special Crime Unit.  Earlier in his career he was a School Resource Officer assigned to a local high school for four years.  During his time as a School Resource Officer he wrote School Resource Officer: Functioning as a Cop in Today's High School.


According to the book description, School Resource Officer: Functioning as a Cop in Today's High School “is a short, fun, fascinating look into the world of police officers who are assigned to schools. This relatively new law enforcement position is gaining popularity and acceptance at a feverish rate. A former SRO himself, the author depicts many experiences and opinions regarding the job. He also takes the reader through the process of starting, adjusting to, and maintaining an effective SRO program.”

Police Work With Juveniles and the Administration of Juvenile Justice
John P. Kenney  More Info

Dr. John Kenney was a founder of the International Association of Police Professors which became the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and was a President of the American Society of Criminology. His work as a criminal justice educator included the graduate schools for police administration at the University of Southern California and California State University at Long Beach.  He is the author of Police Operations: Policies and Procedures: Four Hundred Field Situations with Solutions; Principles of Investigation and Study Guide to Accompany Principles of Investigation (2 Books); The Police Executive Handbook; and, Police Work with Juveniles and the Administration of Juvenile Justice.


Police Work with Juveniles and the Administration of Juvenile Justice is now in its eight edition and has been significantly updated by criminal justice scholars, according to the book description, the “Eighth Edition is thoroughly rewritten and revised and is completely reset in type. Police Work with Juveniles and the Administration of Juvenile Justice has made a unique contribution to the juvenile justice literature for four decades. It is a scholarly treatise on the subject emphasizing a philosophical approach. However, it addresses the principal issues and concepts with a practical orientation, making it an invaluable resource for both students and practitioners. The book has from its inception in 1954 highlighted the police role and functions with interrelationships between community agencies, the courts and correctional agencies emphasized. Each component of the juvenile justice system is treated in a meaningful manner. This edition focuses upon the issues of changes taking place in the juvenile justice system. The substantial increases in juveniles responsible for crimes of violence has continued the transformation of the juvenile court toward a criminal court. The past two decades has reversed the rehabilitation movement toward that of punishment for juvenile offenders. The legislatures have responded with tougher laws. Current research into chronic juvenile recidivism suggests that a multiple agency approach including family support coordinated by probation may be the only realistic way to "save" juvenile offenders from lives of crime. New in this edition is fuller treatment of the role and functions of the juvenile court judge and a more detailed historical perspective of the juvenile court. Each chapter has been preceded by "Chapter Objectives" and "Key Concepts" to provide the reader a quick overview of chapter content.”

Volunteering to Help Kids (High Interest Books)
Michael A. Black  More Info

Michael A. Black graduated from Columbia College, Chicago in 2000 with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing. He previously earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northern Illinois University. Despite his literary leanings, he has often said that police work has been his life. A former Army Military Policeman, he entered civilian law enforcement after his discharge, and for the past twenty-seven years has been a police officer in the south suburbs of Chicago.


He has worked in various capacities in police work including patrol supervisor, tactical squad, investigations, raid team member, and SWAT team leader. Michael Black is currently a sergeant on the Matteson, Illinois Police Department. His hobbies include weightlifting, running, and the martial arts. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. It is rumored he has five cats.  He is the author of Volunteering to Help Kids.


According to the School Library Journal, Volunteering to Help Kids, “begins with a brief history of volunteering; Environment begins by suggesting the many options available to those who are interested in service learning. Much of the information presented is aimed at those who have been volunteers and want to become project coordinators and form a new group. Both books reinforce the idea that volunteering provides skills for life while benefiting the community. Kids leaves adults out of the process until the end, where it is suggests that permission be sought after goals are set and the group is formed; Environment enlists adult help early in the game. Promoting the project is almost identical in both volumes. Fliers, press releases, and public-service announcements are suggested but no exact details, other than a sample press release, are given.”

A Common Sense Guide to Raising Your Children: from a Cop's Perspective
Martin J. Turner  More Info

Martin Turner began his career with the Burbank Police Department (California).  In 1988, he began working as a Deputy Sheriff in the Washakie County Sheriff’s Department.  Martin Turner is the author of A Common Sense Approach to Raising Your Children; from a Cop's Perspective. 


According to the description of Martin Turner’s book, “with over twenty-six years in law enforcement, Marty Turner overcame many obstacles while growing up. Marty applied his life lessons to helping others throughout his career and now he wants to share them with you. Learn through the eyes of those who see it firsthand, day after day. Some of those experiences are humorous, some are tragic. All are real. Education is the best assurance that future generations will succeed. In this biographical self-help book, Marty explains, through his own experiences, how to help keep your children off drugs and what signs to look for that indicate your child may be heading down the wrong road. The greatest tragedy in life is not learning from the mistakes and misfortunes of others. Wisdom and knowledge, just like freedom, don't come free!”

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