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Danced To Death: The Desperate Hunt for a Serial Killer in Louisiana
Karl D. Kretser  More Info

The Night Runner: The Desperate Hunt for a Serial Rapist in Louisiana
Karl D. Kretser  More Info

About the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office 

According to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, “The Criminal Operations Division of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office encompasses the major portion of our organization. From Communications where the calls from the public are received to the Uniform Patrol Deputies who respond to them, the Criminal Operations Division is responsible for the safety and well-being of our citizens.

It also includes the Detective Division, which is comprised of trained investigators, who specialize in the fields of Homicide, Forgery, Burglary, Narcotics, Juvenile Sex Crimes, and many others. Criminal Warrants and Subpoenas are handled through this division as well, as are the records of all incidents handled by the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office Administrative sections, such as Evidence, Equipment, Internal Affairs, and others are also included in this division.

Ultimately, all divisions of the Sheriff's Office fall under the guidance of the Chief Criminal Deputy.


The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office maintains 5 Substations to provide coverage for all areas of the parish. Four shifts at each Substation maintain 24 hour a day patrol protection. The Deputies of Uniform Patrol respond to criminal complaints which are called in through our Communications Division. When not answering these calls, they patrol the business and residential areas of the community to deter and detect any criminal activities.”

Retired Lieutenant Karl Kretser, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, is the Lieutenant of Detectives who writes true crime novels based on the cases he investigated. As an example, “Danced to Death” focuses on the 1985 discovery of a badly decomposed body of a nude woman. That woman turned out to be 25-year-old Teresa Moore, who disappeared days before from a convenience store. The suspect sketch hit the papers, and the case went cold. After many year, Karl Kretser took over the case and the hunt for a serial rapist in the state of Louisiana.

According to the book description of The Night Runner: The Desperate Hunt for a Serial Rapist in Louisiana, “Before you finish reading this, another woman will be sexually assaulted. “In the bedroom, he dropped his weight on the sleeping sixteen-year-old girl, slapped tape across her mouth before she awoke, and proceeded to rape her in the quiet stillness just before dawn. Spent, he climbed out a utility room window at the rear of the house before disappearing into the encroaching dawn. The girl ripped away the duct tape, screamed, and ran to her parents’ room, where she sobbed out the grim news…” Fact? Or fiction? Unfortunately, this excerpt from Lieutenant Karl Kretser’s chilling new non-fiction saga of serial rape in Lafitte Parish is all too real. During the early morning hours of a humid Louisiana summer, a serial rapist held the town of Lafitte Parish hostage just as surely as if he’d pressed a knife to its throat. That is, until Lieutenant Karl Kretser stopped him.”

According to the book description of Danced To Death: The Desperate Hunt for a Serial Killer in Louisiana, “In the summer of 1985, a woman named Teresa Moore disappeared from her job as a convenience store clerk in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, the register was untouched and nothing in the store was found to be missing. Also, the victim's purse was nearby and had nothing missing from it. In front of the store was a running hose that was used by the store to wash down the front area of debris. Apparently, Teresa was abducted inside the store by an unknown assailant whose identity would baffle detectives for the next ten years. This chilling dramatization of actual events sets the tone for an investigation into finding Teresa's merciless killer. The twists and turns of this dramatic cold-case file can easily be compared to the ranks of today's best-selling fiction. From a rookie detective who always regretted not solving his first big murder case to the latest technology worthy of an episode of CSI, Danced to Death carries with it the emotional weight and shocking details of the best true crime has to offer.”

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