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Ken Goddard

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The Alchemist
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Outer Perimeter
Ken Goddard  More Info

First Evidence
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Ken Goddard  More Info

Double Blind
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Ken Goddard  More Info
Ken Goddard  More Info
Kenneth W. Goddard  More Info
Crime Scene Investigation
Kenneth W. Goddard  More Info
Weaponless Control: For Law Enforcement and Security Personnel
Jeff Cope  More Info

Ken Goddard was a deputy sheriff/criminalist with the Riverside (CA) Sheriff's office (1968-69);  a deputy sheriff/criminalist with the San Bernardino (CA) Sheriff's office (1969-72);  Scientific Investigation Bureau (civilian) Supervisor and Chief Criminalist for the Huntington Beach PD (1972-79);  Forensic Science Branch Chief (civilian) and 'tech agent' (carried a badge and gun for self-protection at remote scenes, but did not have arrest authority) for the US Fish & Wildlife Service (1979-86); and National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab director (civilian)(1986 to present).


Ken Goddard has written and published two non-fiction books: Crime Scene Investigation and Weaponless Control.  Additionally, he has written eight fiction thrillers: Balefire, The Alchemist, Digger/Cheater, Prey, Wildfire, Double Blind, First Evidence and Outer Perimeter


Currently, he is writing a third book in the First Evidence series for Bantam, and has been hired by Pocket Books to take over a series of fiction novels based on the TV series CSI written by Max Collins.

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