The members of Sir Robert Peels Peace Preservation Force in Ireland were nicknamed the Peelers.

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Kennebec County Sheriff's Office (Maine)

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Peter Mars

About the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Kennebec County Sheriff, “The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office has proudly served the citizens of Kennebec County since 1799. Through those 200+ years the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office metamorphosed with the changing times. The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office is a full service sheriff's office consisting of 120 employees. We operate the Kennebec County Correctional Facility with a maximum population of 151 inmates.

We embrace the concept of Community Policing. All law enforcement agencies must realize that they can't ebb the tide of violence and drug abuse without collaborating with their communities on plans to stop these criminal activities. The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office is committed to developing collaborative relationships with the municipalities it serves with the knowledge that when we work together we really can make a difference.”

In addition to traditional law enforcement, the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office has a number of specialized programs, such as its community policing program.  According to the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office it “has established six substations in Kennebec County in an effort to keep deputies in their assigned areas without having to return to the Augusta headquarters as often. This will allow for a more efficient response to citizens requiring law enforcement services, and allows deputies to work with the public to develop solutions to chronic problems within their patrol areas utilizing collaborative problem-solving techniques.

The first Enhanced Neighborhood Policing project in Kennebec County was established in the Town of Belgrade in 1998. This community-policing project has addressed issues of lighting, speeding, pedestrian safety and traffic control devices.”

Selected book by a Kennebec County Sheriff's Office Police Officer.

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