Justice & tax paying within the tithings was accomplished by a person called a Bailiff.

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Kenner Police Department (Louisiana)

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Dee Dee Serpas

About the Kenner Police Department

The Kenner Police Department is organized into Operations; Field Services; and, Technical Services.  In addition to their law enforcement operations, the department has a number of community relations programs such as Business and Residence Security Surveys, Business Against Crime Program and Citizen Police Academy.

The Kenner Police Department said of these programs, “similar to the Neighborhood Watch Program, business owners and managers are introduced and familiarized with proper security devices and procedures and are assisted with employee training.

The first of its kind in Louisiana, this 13-week curriculum affords citizens an understanding of law enforcement and the role it plays in our community.  While class members are not trained to function as Police Officers, they are offered a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of a professional law enforcement agency.  Graduates of the class serve as ambassadors of goodwill throughout the community, disseminating awareness and demystifying police procedures. 

The objective of the Community Police Corps is to provide the Kenner Police Department and its members support to help them accomplish their duty, and to provide effective and efficient public safety services to our community.  Volunteers are given the use of a patrol car, which is used to observe areas such as schools and business concentrations.”

Selected book by a Kenner Police Department law enforcement personnel.

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