American police officers started out as a night watch, particularly interested in fire prevention.

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Kennesaw Police Department (Georgia)

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Robert Ruble

About the Kennesaw Police Department

The Kennesaw Police Department is organized into two divisions: Operations and Support Services.  According to the Kennesaw Police Department, Chief of Police, “It is the mission of the Kennesaw Police Department to assure that our community is safe from crime and disorder by focusing on the prevention of crime along with reducing the fear of crime.”  

Like many state and local law enforcement agencies, the Kennesaw Police Department has undertaken problem solving as a core function of the department.  According to the department, “The Kennesaw Police Department T.R.A.C.K. program is an innovative crime prevention and reduction strategy developed by the members of the Kennesaw Police Department under the guidance of the Chief of Police. The goal of the program is to assist the police department in taking proactive measures to keep the Kennesaw crime rate low in spite of the rapid growth in population. The acronym T.R.A.C.K. represents the core values of the program: Teamwork; Results; Accountability; Communication; and, Kennesaw.

The program emphasizes that our entire department focus on our core mission of crime prevention and reduction.  We accomplish our goal by working together not only internally, but also with other stakeholders. Crime prevention and reduction is very much a working partnership involving the police department, other public/private agencies and the community.”

Selected book by a Kennesaw Police Department police officer.

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