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Kevin F. Branley

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Detective Kevin F. Branley, Cambridge Police Department is currently assigned to Special Investigation.  He is the author of Mourning Twilight.

According to the book description of Mourning Twilight, “Vietnam veteran and American Indian- Barry Redcrow’s destiny leads him to a job in an isolated psychiatric hospital where evil lurks. While there, he is forced to confront a childhood vision, and simultaneously battle nightmares of combat. He is met with guidance and assistance from unusual sources: Police Chaplain Sgt. Foley, psychiatric patient Jessica and her gift of “sight”, custodian Gus, Redcrow’s deceased grandfather, and nature itself. Constant nightmares occur during the hours in which the darkness of night battles early light; the only hours the demon is permitted to do his work, and Redcrow and Foley begin to mourn its every arrival. A battle of Good against Evil in this edge of your seat thriller. Horror at its best. Darkness you won't soon forget.”

About the Cambridge Police Department

The Cambridge Police Department is a full service law enforcement agencies consisting of 272 sworn members and 40 civilian personnel.  The department is organized into a number of units, including the Support Services Bureau which includes the Operations Division Patrol.  The Cambridge Police Department said of the patrol unit, “These proactive assignments vary with many being the enforcement of traffic laws in addition to patrolling the parks and playgrounds throughout the City. Through the analysis of crime trends and partnerships with the community these officers are deployed to specific locations to maximize their effectiveness. Our goal is to make Cambridge a safe and enjoyable place to live and work.”

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