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Kevin Ferguson

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Kevin "Phatdaddy" Ferguson is a retired Deputy Sheriff Richmond City Sheriffs Office.  He was injured on the job assisting a co-worker.  The injury left him with two plates and twelve screws in his right arm; and, six pins in his wrist.  Kevin Ferguson is the author of Generosity or Justice

According to the book description, This book is based on a true story about a Deputy Sheriff who was injured and wrongly accused of an incident while on duty. Terminated from a 14-year career, he was forced to prove his innocence and clear his name. He was simply performing the job he was so well trained and dedicated to do. After his termination, Officer Phatdaddy was very confused about what to do next. He had lost the only job he truly loved and enjoyed and felt betrayed by the system he respected. Left with a conundrum of thoughts of all he had been through, including figuring out how he would take care of his family, he fought to be a man, he fought to understand, but most of all, he fought for justice. So on his own, he took on an organization to get his job reinstated and to regain his reputation.

About the Richmond County Sheriff's Office
The Richmond City Sheriffs Office organizes its over 500 sworn and civilian personnel into basic operational and administrative functions.  As an example, the Jail Operations Division is responsible for the safety and security of inmates as well as transportation, training and inmate recording keeping.  Likewise, the Court Services provide security in within the courthouses for both inmates, the public and court employees.  The Investigative Section handles criminal and administrative investigations involving Richmond City Sheriffs Office employees and inmates.  

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