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Just Another Shade of Blue: One Fan's Year With His Club and the World's Most Popular Sport
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Casualty Crossing
Kevin Hughes  More Info

About the Dane County Sheriff's Office

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has over 425 sworn personnel, and over 100 non-sworn support staff in four major divisions. The tasks and functions within the organization are many and varied, including: Patrol, Investigations, Jail, Prisoner Conveyances & Extradition, Warrant & Civil Process Service, Court Bailiff & Security, Airport Security, Task Force, and Lake & Snowmobile Patrol. Personnel also have opportunities to serve on specialty teams, such as: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb squad), Tactical Response Team (special weapons and tactics), K-9 Unit, SCUBA Dive Rescue Team, Hostage Negotiations Team, Honor Guard, and the D.A.R.E. Education Unit.




Kevin Hughes, who originally wrote under the name Charles Porter,  has over 27 years of law enforcement experience.  Kevin Hughes joined the Shorewood Hills Police Department in 1974.  In 1978, he joined the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.  In 1984, he was promoted to detective and is considered a senior detective for the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.  Kevin Hughes is the author of Another Shade of Blue and Casualty Crossing.


Writing under the pen name of “Charles Porter,” he is the author of Just Another Shade of Blue.  According to the book description, “When Detective Conrad Garrity is called to the scene of a body discovered in a remote park, he knows it will be a tough case: the victim is a 13 year old girl who has been missing for several weeks. Internal conflict within his own agency creates instant heartburn and fueling the frenzy is a prolific small market television reporter.


As a power struggle with an FBI Task Force evolves, Garrity and his partner try to unravel the mystery. Perseverance pays off, and an unlikely suspect is developed. The revelation is less than welcomed by those who pursue a different theory, but the bottom line is that gumshoe instincts and common sense still rule in police work. From the aspects of evidence collection, a forensic autopsy, the detailed interviews and discovery of information; to the Grand Jury and to the resolution of the case, Just Another Shade of Blue is not just another murder mystery. It's about the psyche of those charged with finding the killer and the coping mechanisms employed by the detectives to defeat the stress and sorrow of iniquity.”


According to one reader of Just Another Shade of Blue, “I found this book to have all the elements needed to make reading a pleasant experience. The characters take on a life all their own. It is very apparent that Charles Porter has worked in the detective field for many years, as the plot is believable and is interesting until the very end. This is a book that rates right up there with some of the best I've ever read and I recommend it to anyone that takes pleasure in reading. One word of caution, make sure you don't have any up and coming plans, the book is difficult to put down”


According to the book description of Casualty Crossing, An abused runaway who won’t reveal his identity. A social worker on a mission. An outspoken police detective on the verge of losing his job. A meddling ex-wife with her own law firm. A collision of personalities. Welcome to Casualty Crossing.


If you ask him, Detective Toby Jenkins will tell you that he’s been on the poor side of luck for the past decade. Maybe he’s right. Now he finds himself embroiled in a battle with his bosses at the Madison Police Department. They don’t like his attitude and he doesn’t think too highly of theirs, either.


Due to one of his miscues, TJ has been banished to administrative duties and is dying a slow death behind a desk. But, on one fateful day when detectives are scarce, TJ is assigned to handle the case of a battered runaway boy who wound up in a Madison hospital emergency room. TJ takes a chance to change the child’s life and in the process, he must slay a few of his own demons in order to succeed.


A tough subject addressed with compassion and a little humor while recognizing the realities of abuse, Casualty Crossing is more than a fictional snapshot into life: It’s a study in character.”

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