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Kevin B. Kinnee of the Indianapolis Police Department is a “twenty year veteran of law enforcement with the Indianapolis Police Department, his last eleven years in investigations. Kevin has an extensive background, conducting over 700 investigations from vice/narcotics, property recovery, major case gambling operations, murder for hire and in-dept organized crime investigations. Kevin has assisted in federal, state, and local investigations and has been detailed to State Police, FBI and the US Treasury Department. Kevin is a certified instructor and has lectured to Federal, State and Local investigators all over the United States.”

Kevin B. Kinnee added an account of his career (20 Years Behind the Badge) to his solid reputation of writing police procedural text books.  Kinnee’s other works include: Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques; Practical Investigation Techniques; and, Modern Investigations, Techniques and Tactics.”

One reader of 20 Years Behind the Badge said, “A special look "inside" the life of a law enforcement officer! Kevin helps us see what happens to both the officer and his family after 20 years behind the badge. This is an excellent mixture of "real" life stories and radio calls that Kevin experienced while being an Officer with IPD. This is a must read for every "police" family and for those who can enjoy both the sadness and humor of being in law enforcement. Kevin continues to teach law enforcement classes even though he has now retired. An excellent author and a wonderful Instructor has taken his time to share these "events" with us all. Once you start the book, you won't want to put it down! Buy it now, read it, and then share it with friends. Every time you read it you will find out more and more about being a "cop." I'm on my third reading and I still laugh at every page! I find something new every time I read it! Keep up the good work Kevin and my sympathy to your family!”

According to the book description of Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques (Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations), “Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind guide to investigating illegal gambling activities. The book covers the entire sequence of events involved in a gambling investigation from the receipt of a complaint to the preparation for trial. It discusses how to use role camouflage and develop a cover story, how to choose a raid team and assign duties, and how to conduct a search. It also addresses what you need to consider when developing probable cause. The components of a search warrant are examined along with the procedures that should be followed when it is served. The book also offers tips for preparing your case for court. Techniques are presented as step by step procedures, and cases are used to illustrate the concepts covered. Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques is ideal for anyone involved in the enforcement of gambling laws, including local and state police, the FBI, and the Treasury Department.”

According to the book description of Practical Investigation Techniques (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigation), “Practical Investigation Techniques is useful for new as well as veteran investigators to establish a practical standard for conducting a wide range of diverse criminal investigations. Written by a veteran investigator, the book teaches the proper investigative techniques for such criminal activities as extortion, blackmail, credit card fraud, check fraud, fencing operations, employee theft, sports gambling, money laundering, and shoplifting rings. Practical Investigation Techniques is presented in an easy-to-read format and provides a wealth of specific investigation techniques, checklists, and case studies.”

Kevin B. Kinnee said of The Trials And Tribulations of the Traumatized Traveler. Why Me?, “Over the last several years I have had to travel and endure hotel living. This book is nothing more than my observations and experiences in trying to deal with the road. Keep in mind, I am a short, fat, bald guy with no neck who happens to be a disabled veteran. This allows me the ability to observe and critique society without being politically incorrect. My suggestion is to take this book and my observations as satire and humor. The book format is a combination of: Why Is It's? and: Why Me ?”

One reader of The Trials And Tribulations of the Traumatized Traveler. Why Me? said, “I loved the book which was personally given to me by Mr. Kinnee who is a customer of the dealership I work at. He is a great person who really knows how to relate to what we all go thru traveling.”

Practical Gambling Investigation Techniques
Kevin B. Kinnee  More Info

20 Years Behind the Badge
Kevin B. Kinnee  More Info

Practical Investigation Techniques
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The Trials And Tribulations of the Traumatized Traveler. Why Me?
Kevin, B. Kinnee  More Info

Modern Investigations, Techniques & Tactics
Kevin B. Kinnee  More Info

According to the book description of Modern Investigations, Techniques & Tactics,This book is designed to provide both private and criminal investigators with the knowledge that it takes to conduct most any case that comes across their desk. By looking at the patterns that are present, you can identify in many cases, who and where the suspect is. Once the pattern is recognized, you then go to an investigator's checklist, which lists the common locations in society that you can gather information. (For example: if you were investigating a boiler room, you would check the phone company for several phone lines being present at your target location). You then look to see if the pattern of the crime is present. If the pattern of the crime and the pattern of the criminal are not present, you take no action. This is a key to reducing mistakes and thereby reducing liability. In today's society everyone is filing suit. This book can help eliminate the common mistakes made by investigators and thereby limit your liability. The content of this book has been delivered in my seminars to both private and criminal investigators all over the country and investigators have increased their success because of it.”

About the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

In September 1854, thirty-three years after the City of Indianapolis was founded, Mayor James McCready appointed 14 men to the first police force, under the command of Captain Jefferson Springsteen. Prior to 1854, peace was maintained in Indianapolis by a town marshal, the sheriff and a few deputies, a volunteer night watch, and a small number of constables and justices of the peace.


The Offices of the Marion County Sheriff, Marion County Prosecutor and Justice of the Peace were created under Indiana's Constitution in 1816. The first Sheriff of Marion County was Hervey Bates and he was elected to a two-year term beginning in 1822. The first Marion County Jail was a log cabin built on the northwest corner of the intersection of Market and Delaware in downtown, Indianapolis.  The county had to pay $59 to have the woods at the corner cleared before construction could begin.


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was established on January 1, 2007, by General Ordinance 110, consolidating the former Indianapolis Police Department with the law enforcement division of the Marion County Sheriff's Department. The ordinance assigns responsibility for the police department to the sheriff who appoints a chief of police, under whose direction the department operates.




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