The Killer in Our Midst

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Lieutenant Steven Spingola, Milwaukee Police Department (ret.) “is an investigator with a national reputation for excellence. A 2001 graduate of the FBI National Academy, Spingola holds two master’s degrees. He is also a death investigations expert, a police related shooting reconstruction specialist, and has formal training in criminal investigative analysis (profiling).

Prior to his retirement as a lieutenant of detectives with the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD), Spingola supervised all major categories of criminal investigations, including stints in the Homicide Unit, Vice Control Division, Sensitive Crimes Unit, and Violent Crimes Division. He further served as the lead investigator for the Critical Incident Unit, a group that probes police related shootings, use-of-force incidents, and other significant events. As a detective, Spingola spent several years conducting death investigations for a homicide unit with one of the highest clearance rates in the country.

Spingola’s role in academia is that of an adjunct professor of criminal justice, human services management, and security administration classes at Cardinal Stritch University, Concordia University of Wisconsin, Marian College, and Springfield College.”  Lieutenant Steven Spingola is the author of the story The Killer in Our Midst: The Case of Milwaukee's North Side Strangler.

According to the description of The Killer in Our Midst: The Case of Milwaukee's North Side Strangler, “During his 25 year career with the Milwaukee Police Department, Steven Spingola investigated hundreds of homicides. In the corridors of the Police Administration Building and throughout southeastern Wisconsin, his reputation as a tenacious and thorough detective is legendary. Yet, on occasion, even preeminent sleuths catch cases that, for a variety of reasons, remain unsolved. Recent advances in DNA technologies, however, are filling in the gaps left by unwilling witnesses, faulty memories, a lack of adequate resources, and father time.

This same scenario unfolded during a two month period in 1995 when two north side Milwaukee women were strangled to death within six block radius of each other. Homicide detectives carefully shifted through both crime scenes, but were unable to develop sufficient evidence to affect an arrest. Fourteen years later, DNA evidence collected from these two murders, as well as five others, has linked one unidentified serial killer, dubbed by one Milwaukee television station as “the north side strangler.”

As the detective who investigated the 1995 homicides of Florence McCormick and Shelia Farrior, Steven Spingola revisits the crimes scenes, identifies the strategies employed by the perpetrator, and provides a profile of the suspect. "The Killer in Our Midst" is a magazine article that enables the public to walk a mile in the worn soles of a busy homicide detective.”



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