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King County Sheriff's Office (Washington)

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David Reichert

About the King County Sheriff's Office 

With more than 1,000 employees, the King County Sheriff's Office serves the law enforcement needs of over half a million people in unincorporated areas and 12 contract cities. The King County Sheriff’s Office also provides police departments for the Muckleshoot Tribe, Metro Transit, and the King County International Airport.  


The King County Sheriff’s Office is organized into four divisions which answer directly to the elected sheriff: Technical Services Division, Special Operations Division; Field Operations Division; and, Criminal Investigations Division.


Criminal Investigations Division of the King County Sheriff’s Office “includes the Major Crimes Section, the Special Investigations Section, and the King County Regional Criminal Intelligence Group. The division serves citizens with follow-up investigative, warrant, and intelligence-gathering services. Specifically, it investigates crimes including homicide, domestic violence, computer fraud, forgery, sexual assault, and more. CID also addresses child support enforcement issues and manages court security.”


The Field Operations Division “manages the core functions of patrol, precinct-based detectives, crime prevention, storefronts, and reserve deputies. The subdivision into four precincts allows for better community-based responses because the precinct commanders can use local data to direct law enforcement services. Day-to-day management of contract city police and school resource officers, are the responsibility of this division.”


The Special Operations Division of the King County Sheriff’s Office, “provides support services to other divisions, regional services to local agencies, and contract police service to the King County Metro Transit Division, King County Department of Transportation (Roads), and the King County International Airport.  Services provided by this division include: a K-9 unit with search and drug detection capabilities; air support; marine patrol; bomb/hazardous devices disposal; tactical training in firearms, less-lethal weapons, and defensive tactics; motorcycle traffic enforcement; Tac-30 (SWAT); hostage negotiations; dignitary protection; tow coordination and appeal hearings; search and rescue; coordination of the demonstration management team; instruction in and equipment for Haz-Mat; and special event planning and coordination. The division has also taken the lead in planning for homeland security concerns.”




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