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End Of Watch
Robert Kirby  More Info

About the Springville Police Department 

The Springville Police Department is a division of the Springville Public Safety Department.  The Department operates on an over 3 million dollar budget.

Robert Kirby was born in Fontana, California.  His father, who was a criminal investigator for both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force retired and moved his family to Salt Lake City Utah.  Kirby began his law enforcement career with the Grantsville Police Department, in Utah.  After a year, he moved to the Springville Police Department where he worked for ten years.  After leaving law enforcement, Kirby has worked as a newspaper editor, correspondent and columnist.  He is currently a columnist for the Salt Lake City Tribune.  His book, “End of Watch: Utah’s Murdered Police officers from 1858-2003” chronicles the murders of law enforcement officials in Utah.

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