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Don Whitehead

About the Kokomo Police Department 

According to the Kokomo Police Department, “from 1840 to 1865, area law enforcement was a service provided by the Howard County Sheriff. In 1865, Kokomo held its first election, with John Williams being elected Kokomo's first Town Marshal. In April 1901, the law enforcement arm of Kokomo's government formally changed to a Metropolitan Police Department. This police department consisted of six men whose equipment consisted of only side arms and uniforms.”


Today, the Kokomo Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that provides basic patrol, criminal investigation and specialized law enforcement to the residents of the City of Kokomo.  The Kokomo Police Department “Uniformed Patrol Section's primary responsibility is the protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, and the apprehension of offenders through continuous 24-hour random and directed patrol by uni­formed officers in marked and unmarked police vehicles. The Patrol Section is responsible for the preservation of the public peace, to respond to calls for service, to render assistance to persons when necessary, to conduct preliminary investigations into criminal acts and to conduct follow-up investigations as assigned.  The Uniformed Patrol Section is also responsible for providing liaison with  the County Courts and assigned Prosecutors.”


The Kokomo Police Department “Criminal Investigation Section is supervised by a Captain and its primary responsibility is the initial and follow-up investigation of criminal offenses with­in the City of Kokomo and the eventual identification, apprehension and successful prosecution of criminal offenders.  The Criminal Investigation Section shall also provide liaison with the Circuit and Superior Courts and the assigned prosecutors.”


The Kokomo Police Department “SWAT Team is called out and is responsible for high-risk and special tactical missions.  The team's main focus is reducing risk during high-risk and unusual police situations such as:  Barricaded person situations, sniper situations, hostage situations, high-risk felony warrant service operations involving potentially dangerous individuals, protecting high value persons and property, search and rescue operations, high-risk tactical surveillance and/or narcotic enforcement operations, covert and undercover tactical operations; hazardous material, clandestine lab, and weapons of mass destruction situations; special circumstances such as crowd control and rural searches, special ceremonial police operations, crisis negotiations, and decoy operations.  The SWAT team will assume responsibility for inner perimeter security under the direction of the team leader and establish a perimeter to cut off escape routes and prevent others from entering the area. When possible, an attempt must be made to evac­uate innocent persons and bystanders in the line of fire and isolate witnesses. The Kokomo Police Department SWAT team shall engage in training and readiness exercises at least six times per year.”




Books by law enforcement officials of the Kokomo Police Department:

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