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Kreig W. Vens

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After graduating high school Kreig W. Vens “attended Kent State University, his career goal...become an attorney. While enrolled at K.S.U. he discovered the federal government’s L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Assistance Program), which paid police officers to further their education.  After application to several area police departments, Kreig was commissioned by a five-man village police department in Northeast Ohio; two transfers to larger police departments, and thirty-one years later, Kreig retired as a detective.

Kreig still resides in Northeast Ohio (as he refers to it: “…snow-high-o…but what can you expect from a state that begins and ends with a zero?”), enjoys spending time with his adult children and teenage grandson, and now fills his leisure time with the many hobbies he pursues…while, of course, continuing to write the novels his fans have come to anticipate.”  Kreig W. Vens is the author of Prosecuted Innocence; Trail of Bodies, Tears of Blood; and, Shawdow of the River.


According to the book description of Trail of Bodies, “Reese Daniels holds the reins of a Fortune 500 corporation, the deed to a 15,000 acre ranch, and the FBI’s interest as a serial killer, Shadow Man.”


One reader of Trail of Bodies said it “has twists and turns that keeps the reader from putting it down. The complex relationships of the characters, the depth of the characters, and Kreig's ability to take the controversial notion of whether vigilante murder can be to the benefit of society, leads the reader to a point of no return. Kreig pulls what we believe is wrong and twists it to what just might be right. A great follow-up to Prosecuted Innocence, and yet a strong start to a novel-writing career.”


According to the book description of Prosecuted Innocence, “Trystin Brock is a gifted swimmer who has everything going for him. The first sophomore ever appointed as Captain of Lincoln Memorial High School's swim team, with a girlfriend in college, he was the envy of his classmates. What could possibly go wrong? Twenty-eight years in a maximum-security prison, that's what went wrong! A prosecutor with an agenda, a narcissistic judge, and corrupt politicians circumvent "Innocent until proven guilty" forcing Trystin into a legal-political quagmire, where he fights for his freedom, his sanity, and his life.”


According to the book description of Tears of Blood, “Spring came early to the rugged Oklahoma Territories in the mid-1870s. After finishing his chores, Sam Heateson sets out with his younger brother, Joshua, in search of an enormous buck he had been trailing for weeks. Shortly after they enter the wild hinterland of southern Oklahoma’s Red River region, the boys find themselves captured by a band of renegade Comanche Indians. Sam offers himself—a sacrifice—in exchange for the release of his brother. He’s taken to the Indians’ village for execution, where Sam faces impending death with such bravery the tribe’s chieftain, Kwanahshee, intervenes and adopts him as his son, taking him under his wing and teaching him the way of a Comanche warrior, which sets off a chain of events that forever changes both their lives…and possibly history.”

Prosecuted Innocence
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Trail of Bodies
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Tears of Blood
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According to the book description of Shadow of the River, "Carlos Sanchez’s human trafficking organization operates with impunity until infiltrated by an undercover cop. He orders outlaw biker Rock Matthias to bring in the head of “…the Trojan horse galloping unbridled through my casino…”
State police captain Zane Chance, deep undercover far too long, has lost his moral compass. Recklessly self-destructive, battling a growing alcohol problem, Chance’s paranoia and fear of discovery pushes him violently out of control and jeopardizes the mission.
Attorney General Howard Nusdan oversees the undercover operation and utilizes it as a steppingstone to become West Virginia’s first African-American governor, regardless of the toll on his covert agent’s emotional stability.
Lance Keller’s—a natural born loser—goal is to win the annual demolition derby. When it goes up in smoke he slips over the edge and plots revenge.
Angst-driven teenage arsonist Denny Chambers spends his summer vacation looking for the next party; while local cop James Earl Southworth, whose career ambitions are loftier than policing Chester, West Virginia, becomes a pawn of the ambitious attorney general; “Stevie” Levrone, lesbian bodybuilder rules Stevie’s Waterfront Tavern with an iron fist and finds herself attracted to Rock Matthias; rookie state trooper Skylar Heck struggles with complacency and corruption in Chester, West Virginia, and questions his career choice…
The players come together for an explosive conclusion during the end of summer Chester Days Street Festival parade in."


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