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Kuldip Sharma, joined Indian Police Service in 1976 and was allotted the Gujarat cadre. He has served as Superintendent of Police in four different districts of Gujarat and has had first hand experience of metropolitan policing during his assignment as Commissioner of Police at Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat. During the high noon of militant activity in the country, he was chosen to head the Anti-Terrorist Squad at a time when Gujarat was categorized as one of the six most hypersensitive states.


While on deputation to the Central Government, he saw service in Jammu & Kashmir. He has also worked as Home Secretary as well as Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise Department, Gujarat State. On elevation to the rank of Additional Director General of Police, he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department. In 2011 he moved, for the second time, on deputation to the Central Government and was posted as Director General, Bureau of Police Research and Development, New Delhi. On superannuation he was appointed Advisor in the Ministry of Home Affairs. The variety of assignment and depth, resulting from more than 29 years of policing is reflected in this book. The objective analysis is what makes the authors contribution truly worthwhile. He presently lives in Gandhinagar, India and is invited as a guest lecturer by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Sharma is the author of Heaven's Light Our Guide- The Genesis of Indian Police.

According to the book description of Heaven's Light Our Guide- The Genesis of Indian Police, "The police system in India springs from the Police Act of 1861. This was a statute created by the British in the immediate aftermath of the uprising of 1857. The field of executive police functions is enormous and covers all branches of civil administration. It has to protect human life, property, honor, religion and everything that man has created out of his constructive genius. It has to restrain every thing that degrades or destroys or arrests its progress. And it has to unite and streamline various forces to form into a smooth stream leading to the final realization of happiness and prosperity.


An efficient police force is the very core of civilized existence and people should be aware not only of its history but also of the important milestone in its evolution. The police needs to be debated, discussed, analyzed and understood. This book relates the story of the creation of police force meant to sub serve the interest of a foreign power. It does not attempt to explain why a statute enacted to put a nation in shackles continues to exist today. It does not do so because there is no tangible explanation for the same. It, however, points to a mindset that pervades even today, a mindset that prevents any kind of reforms."

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