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Please God, Don't Let My Badge Tarnish: One Man's Courage To Take A Stand!
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PowerMentor: Changing lives, one person at a time! The Art of Mentoring
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About the El Cajon Police Department 

The El Cajon Police Department is structured into a number of divisions, covering such areas as Patrol, Traffic Enforcement, Animal Control, Records, Investigations, Reserves and various volunteer groups.


The patrol division provides the fundamental base for all law enforcement services. Officers meet crime face to face in a wide range of situations. Approximately 60 uniformed officers and 10 supervisors work around the clock, seven days a week. A lieutenant watch commander heads each shift.


Officers are typically assigned to be by themselves in a police car but occasionally there will be two officers working together in a vehicle. Officers are assigned to patrol a specific geographic area called a "beat". The city is divided into five beats. The officers work throughout the city but are responsible for handling all crimes within their beat. The officer’s work a particular beat for a period of time in order to become familiar with the area and any concerns specific to the beat


According to the El Cajon Police Department, “The El Cajon Police Department has a history of working with the community to create a safe environment for those who live, work and visit our city.  By teaming with community organizations and proactively addressing current crime trends, the Special Enforcement Division (SED) works on a daily basis to enhance the quality of life for all members of our community.”




Kevin LaChapelle was a police officer with El Cajon Police Department (California).  LaChapell’s book, “Please God, Don’t Let My Badge Tarnish.” is the story of his discovery of corruption within the El Cajon Police Department and his struggle to work within the department. Rather than turn his back on the scandal and save his career, LaChapelle begins a courageous fight to expose the corruption. At the same time, he earns awards for his work in helping young people turn away from gangs and violence.


In 1994, at the urging of his fellow citizens, LaChapelle runs for the local school board. Soon he is engaged in a new battle after he uncovers major financial problems in the district and discovers that greedy officials are siphoning money intended to fund school programs.

According to the book description of PowerMentor, “Kevin LaChapelle has chronicled his life as a mentor, the impact it's had on himself and those he's mentored. In PowerMentor, Kevin shares candidly about the sacrifices, heartache and rewards that come with mentoring another individual. In this book, The PowerMentor, Kevin, outlines the unchanging framework we need in order to properly mentor others to that fulfilled life with purpose.


Throughout this book, you'll read about individuals that lacked boundaries and guidance in their lives either by intentional neglect or lack of guidance skills. Mentoring another individual involves a commitment which will require the discipline of cross checking everything you do so that your actions stay in harmony with your mission of positively impacting another life to the point that they could then "pass it on". If successful, your rewards will not be in the form of money, power or status. Your rewards will come quietly and without notice from the very one you made your commitment to.”

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