In Police History: In 1663, London Common Council enacted a law establishing 1000 night watchmen.

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Laguna Beach Police Department (California)

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William Cavenaugh

About the Laguna Beach Police Department

The Laguna Beach Police Department consists of 50 sworn police officers and over 30 civilian police employees.  A small, yet full-service law enforcement agency, it is organized into three divisions: Field Services, Investigative Services and Support Services.  According to the Laguna Beach Police Department, “Patrol consists largely of uniformed field personnel responsible for enforcement of municipal, state and federal laws. The Patrol Section with its 38 field officers is the main response team for calls for service. Officers are responsible for a specific area and respond to calls, patrol trouble spots and document incidents in that area.

The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating crimes that go beyond the scope of patrol.  Complex cases can take hundreds of hours of follow-up work to bring the case to a successful conclusion.  Many cases take years to bring a suspect to justice.  Experienced and well trained investigators must meticulously and thoroughly gather evidence, interview witnesses, prepare search warrants and use all of the legal resources at their disposal to identify a suspect.

This division provides support functions for the department as a whole including communications (or dispatch), management of records, facility maintenance, purchasing, computer systems, planning and research, vehicle maintenance, trusty program, jail operations and statistical services.”

DUI Enforcement: The Street Cops Guide to The Recognition, Arrest and Successful Prosecution of Alcohol and Drug Impaired Drivers
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