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Lake County Sheriff's Department (Indiana)

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Alex Richardson

About the Lake County Sheriff’s Department

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department is a full-service law enforcement agency which is organized into several divisions.  Among those divisions are: Adminstration; Special Operations; Criminal Investigations; Uniformed Division; Corrections and Jail; and others.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, “The General Assignment Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division consist of Detectives that investigate a series of different crimes that have occurred in the unincorporated areas of Lake County such as, Homicide, Burglary, Arson, Robbery, Fraud, as well as crimes that occur in the Lake County Jail.

When requested, General Assignment Detectives also assist other law Enforcement Agencies in Criminal Investigations, and have been the agency that investigates Police Officer involved shootings that occurred in Lake County.  General Assignment Detectives work very closely with the Indiana State Fire Marshall’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (A.T.F.) and the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association, as well as local Fire Departments in Fire and Arson Investigation. They also work very closely with all Law Enforcement Agencies in Lake County when investigating crimes that have occurred in Lake County.

The purpose of the Lake County Corrections Division is to provide secure, safe incarceration and detention for the following: Felons, gross misdemeanants, misdemeanants, pre-trial detainees, juvenile non-status offenders, witnesses, and other beings detained in protective custody. The jail shall further strive to provide an atmosphere where the rights of inmates are protected, as well as promote the humane care of inmates. It is the goal of the Lake County Jail to establish an environment of respect and dignity toward prisoners and to strive for staff sensitivity toward persons under their care.”

Selected book by a Lake County Sheriff's Department deputy sheriff.

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