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The Court-Martial of Clayton Lonetree
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Contract Killer: The Explosive Story of the Mafia's Most Notorious Hitman Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos
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Loud and Clear
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Vegas P.I.: The Life and Times of America's Greatest Detective
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About the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

According to the Undersheriff Douglas C. Gillespie, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “has come a long way since its inception in 1973. On July 1, 1973 action of the Nevada Legislature merged the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and the Las Vegas Police Department into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


At that time, the Las Vegas Police Department was the largest police agency in Nevada, with 394 commissioned and 82 civilian personnel, having responsibility for 52.6 square miles. The Clark County Sheriff’s Department was the largest sheriff’s department in Nevada with 387 commissioned and 124 civilian personnel with nearly 8,000 square miles of jurisdiction. The population of both the city and county was approximately



Today, while the jurisdiction size has remained relatively unchanged, the number of personnel to police that jurisdiction has changed considerably. This department now serves a population of nearly 1.5 million residents and 40 million tourists visit each year. We now have 2,635 commissioned police officers, 747 commissioned corrections officers, and over 1,600 civilian personnel working in both the police and

corrections fields.”

In 1957, Lake Headley joined the Clark County Sheriff’s Department (Nevada). After five years Lake Headley resigned because, as he puts it, the Department “more closely resembled a vigilante committee than a law enforcement agency.”  Lake Headley launched his own Private Investigations firm and became involved in many interesting, if not extraordinary cases.  Lake Headley is the author of Vegas P.I. And, the co-author of the true crime books: Contract Killer; The Court-Martial of Clayton Lonetree; and, Loud and Clear.


According to Lake Headley’s publisher, Vegas P.I  is “filled with major crime cases and startling revelations, it chronicles his thirty-five perilous and action-packed years as a first-rank detective defending the disenfranchised and battling crime on the streets of Las Vegas and beyond. He takes us back to a period of gambling history when the Mob ruled the strip and he busted some of the most ingenious scams cheaters ever devised. Headley gives never-revealed details of the famous "Friars Club Cheating Case" in which celebrities such as Phil Silvers, Debbie Reynolds, Tony Martin, and Groucho Marx lost more than a million dollars in a rigged gin rummy game at the exclusive Friars Club in Beverly Hills. Headley chronicles his wild adventures with the legendary bounty hunter "Papa" Ralph Thorson.


Lake Headley pursues a dangerous involvement with the American Indian Movement (AIM) after their 72-day Wounded Knee occupation, which ultimately evolved into the most massive private defense investigation in history. Fascinating new information is revealed about the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), and the mysterious conflagration and gun battle in which 6 members died although they apparently were trying to surrender. Among his many brushes with celebrity, he was called in to investigate the Bloomingdale-Morgan Affair; a murder case that involved sadomasochistic sex and a cast of characters.”


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