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About the Millburn Police Department

The Millburn Police Department is made up of 54 sworn police officers and over 40 non-sworn personnel (staff, parking violations, support personnel, and crossing guards) who provide around-the-clock protection to this municipality.


The Millburn Police Department responds to over 20,000 calls annually for assistance and is ever vigilant and committed to quality of life issues in Millburn Township.





For his efforts, Larry Waimon was recognized by New York State Senator Joseph L. Bruno

Larry Waimon is retired from the Millburn Police Department (New Jersey).  He is the author of When Tears don’t Work.  In his book , Larry Waimon tells how three separate drunk drivers killed his father's mother, his father and critically injured him.  He then outlines policies for reducing drunk driving incidents.  During the 1980s, Larry Waimon was involved in promoting his story and ideas about reducing driving under the influence.  He was featured on over 28 TV/radio Talk shows including Sally Jessy Raphael and Matt Lauer.  Over 50,000 of his books were endowed to schools across the county, at no charge.  Today, Larry Waimon continues to conduct school seminars and speak at a monthly Victims Impact Panel. 


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