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Larry Waimon is retired from the Millburn Police Department (New Jersey).  He is the author of When Tears don’t Work. One of Larry's passions is collecting authentic World War II bomber jackets and adding "Nose Art.".  According to Dr. James Griffith, "During World War II, and again in the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars, colorful images appeared on the nose sections of American military aircraft. Loved and hated, photographed and censored, the paintings known as nose art have been a controversial tradition."  Larry has also added his images on to another passion, motorcycles.


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Larry says about his hobby:

I've collected a good collection of flight jackets and had each stylized with authentic "bomber art" by a well known aviation artist out in AZ. (www.rosemarydery.com). Wherever I go, I often get approached by a World War II aviator Vet who seems to really appreciate the "tribute" to the Greatest Generation!  My latest piece, "By Request", is a special tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, and have maintained a close affiliation with the Commemorative Air force and the "Red Tail Project"; (you can see what that's about on line as well).


Though all my jackets are being donated to the CAF when I "croak", (a living endowment already established), I realized that those I wish to honor will long be gone by the time I might be. So to honor them now, (those "Red Tails" who remain), I parted with my "new" B-3 jacket this past month. It is now on tour and will be on permanent display at their hanger/museum at the MN Wing in South St. Paul.


The process of building up 28 coats of paint onto the leather is fascinating and some of the guys may want one for themselves; (I've helped several friends design theirs and has turned into quite a hobby for me!).


Currently, I have invested over $6,500 into these pieces, (but let's not alert my wife on that!!!!!!). I consider it as mall sacrifice considering the sentiment behind the tributes of those who gave so much and "all"!










Taken last season along Lake George on a typical ride featuring "helmet hair"

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