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FBI Undercover: The True Story of Special Agent Mandrake
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About the Compton Police Department

Known as the Hub City because of its location in nearly the exact geographical center of Los Angeles County, the City of Compton is one of the oldest cities in the county and the eighth to incorporate.  The territory was settled in 1867 by a band of 30 pioneering families, who were led to the area by Griffith Dickenson Compton.


The Compton Police Department lost three officers in the line of duty, one in 1962 and two in 1993. In 2000, amid a tremendous crime rate and department corruption, the Compton Police Department disbanded and police services are by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In 2004, a ballot measure to re-institute the Compton Police Department was overwhelming defeated.

Larry Wansley began his law enforcement career with the Compton Police Department.  He then went on to a10 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he spent eight years in various uncover roles.  In 1986, Larry Wansley left the Federal Bureau of Investigation to become the Director of Security and Counseling Services for the Dallas Cowboys Football team.  Larry Wansley went on to become the Managing Director for Corporate Services with American Airlines.  After his retirement from American Airlines in 2004, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for Infinite Security.  Larry Wansley is the author of FBI Undercover: The True Story of Special Agent Mandrake.


According to the FBI, “On TV and in the movies, FBI undercover agents are a dime a dozen. But in reality, only an elite handful have the unique combination of wit, instinct and daring to work these highly dangerous scams. For 10 years, Larry Wansley was one of them. From the massive search for Patty Hearst to long-term counterfencing operations, Wansley moved coast-to-coast working his scams on southern crime bosses, kiddie porn producers, Mafia wiseguys and more--living each day with the knowledge that one wrong move could mean death.”

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